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A Lucrativ Brokerage Begins With Effective Onboarding

Do you remember the first thing Facebook asked you to do when activating your account?

Without exception, every response I’ve received has been either “add a profile picture” or “fill out your bio.”

Both are wrong.

The first thing you are asked to do is to “Add Friends,” and then to “Find Friends.” Only after that can you add your information.

Facebook onboarding process. Adding friends.

This is because Facebook identified that if you added 7 friends in your first 10 days, they would retain you as an active user. They rode that philosophy all the way to 1,000,000,000 active users and beyond.

This is often referred to as an “a-ha” in the software community.

So, what a-ha’s do you have architected when you onboard new recruits?

According to MIT Sloan, 55% to 75% of companies fail to meet the expected return with their CRM initiatives. When surveyed, 87% of executives pinned the failure of their CRM not on the technology, but on their inadequate implementation and change management.

To win the PropTech war, a solution must win the implementation war, which is commonly relegated to a secondary consideration, if not a complete afterthought.

Introducing Lucrativ: Systematized Onboarding

Introducing Lucrativ, a truly integrated real estate operating system that comes fully equipped with all the features and configurations proven to drive engagement, foster accountability, and accelerate performance from day one.

Beyond software, Lucrativ includes systematized onboarding and targeted training to drive agents to key milestones in their adoption, engagement, and performance journeys. According to Harvard Business Review, effective onboarding correlates with 62% higher new-hire productivity and 50% greater new-hire retention.

Lucrativ aims to solve both the software and the implementation gaps that continue to hinder the real estate brokerage industry and foster sustained, scalable growth.

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