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8 Things That Drive Brokers Crazy And How to Handle Them

Every real estate broker in the country has a lot on his or her plate. There’s never enough time in the day to do what you need to do. Yet, it seems that a handful of people love finding ways to make your job more difficult by not doing their part in the process. You can only help people who want to also help themselves. And, even though it comes with the territory, there are just some things that will always get on your nerves, no matter how long you’ve been in the business.  

But, there are some better ways to cope with them. 

1) A Messy Home 

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Sometimes, when a client is trying to sell a home quickly and they are currently living in the home, it’s going to be a bit untidy. And, that’s okay. But, there are other times when the mess is a complete eye-sore. And, let’s not even get started on the yard. If you want to sell your home, make it look presentable!  

Solution: Show your clients some facts about how much faster a clean home can sell vs. a messy one, and subtly remind them to clean before the showing. This can be awkward, so say that as a rule on the first meeting, before even seeing the house.  

2) When Clients Ask for a Discount 

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There’s nothing worse than a client that thinks you shouldn’t get the money you deserve for all the work you do. It’s a bit discouraging when the first question you get asked is, “So, what kind of deal can you offer me?” Brokers have a hard enough job as it is.  

Solution: Ask them seriously what they’re financial concerns are, reiterate your rates, and explain that you don’t want to waste their time. If you do offer discounts, explain when you would do so, and that you don’t make exceptions outside of those situations. 

3) When People Think They Can Do Your Job 

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You’re at a cocktail party telling people what you do and suddenly you get sucked into a conversation with someone who thinks they know all about real estate. They don’t even realize that they’re making comments that completely undermine what you do for a living.  

Solution: Walk away. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 

4) Clients Who Don’t Respect Your Schedule 

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You have very clear office hours. They’re on your business cards, your Facebook page, and on a plaque on your office door. But, for some reason, you have a client that thinks you sleep at your office, you don’t have a family or a life outside of work, and basically, you should be available whenever they need you. You’re phone is ringing off the hook like a doctor’s pager at a hospital, and you need a break. 

Solution: If you can, get a separate phone for work and home. Make it clear to your clients that under no circumstances, will you answer calls or texts outside of your regular hours, unless it’s an emergency. Explain what would be considered an emergency. And, do yourself a favor; respect the rules you make for yourself as well. Too many brokers have a hard time getting away from their devices when they aren’t working. 

5) Clients Who Aren’t Flexible 

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 As annoying as it is to have a client that doesn’t respect your hours, it’s just as irritating to have clients that aren’t flexible at all. They are in a rush to buy a home or sell their house, and yet, every time you open your calendar and try to schedule a meeting with them, they say they’re not available.  

Solution: Be firm and explain that you are not able to meet any of their deadlines unless they can meet X times a month. Tell them you have clients that have similar priorities but are meeting frequently, and therefore, they are on track to buy or sell by X date. 

6) Clients Who Can’t Look Past Cosmetics 

A messy home can be hard to see through and that’s understandable. But, it’s unbelievably frustrating when clients can’t see past things like the color of the paint on the walls or the furniture in the living room. Every home they look at, they say they don’t like it because of cosmetic reasons — things that are very, very easy to change and for very little money. Unless they want a home that is move-in ready, clients need to accept that once they move their own things into a home, it will be their own.  

Solution: Show your clients before and after pictures of homes from previous clients. Point out things like the new wallpaper or the new appliances in the kitchen.  

7) Clients Who Are Indecisive or Overly Specific

It can be very difficult to work with clients that are either too stubborn or too indecisive. A broker cannot do his or her job to find the dream home for a client when that client has no idea what they want in a home. Likewise, it’s difficult to help a client who can’t be open-minded at all. There needs to be a middle ground.  

Solution: If you can’t get a verbal answer out of your clients, give them a questionnaire to take home and fill out. This might give them a chance to really think more about they want, what their deal breakers are, and what they are willing to let go of.  

8) Clients Who Don’t Get Pre-Approval 

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There’s nothing quite like having a client come into your office that doesn’t even know if he or she is qualified to buy a home or for how much. While you’re all for helping out as much as you can, you really can’t get started on your job until you know that a client is actually able to buy a house. This, of course, also goes for sellers that need to take care of clearing up financial  issues with their home. 

Solution: Make this a requirement for all clients that book a consultation with you. 


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