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8 Points Of A Powerful Pre-Prospecting Routine

One important habit shared by every successful prospecting agent is a powerful pre-prospecting routine. Following a consistent routine before you get on the phones will help you build and maintain positive momentum during (and after) your call sessions. As a real estate professional, you can’t always control what happens during your day. What you can control are healthy habits that promote a positive mindset starting the second you get out of bed. Keep reading to discover eight points to a powerful pre-prospecting routine from REDX power agent, Kent Brown.

1. Your Day Starts the Night Before

A few minutes of prospecting prep before bedtime can streamline success for tomorrow. Set out your clothes, prepare your call lists, and review tomorrow’s schedule so you can get up and GO without any unnecessary distractions.

Most important of all… get a good night’s sleep! Avoid TVs, computers, and phone screens for at least two hours before you go to bed, and aim for about eight hours of sleep every night. Better sleep will increase prospecting productivity and dramatically reduce stress.

2. Exercise

Wake up your body to wake up your brain! A daily morning exercise routine will give you more energy and focus for a productive day of prospecting. Hit the gym, go on a morning jog, or do some simple at-home yoga. It doesn’t have to be intense – just get moving! Aim for an hour, but know that almost any amount of exercise will help clear your head, improve your mindset, and alleviate anxiety.

3. Eat Something Healthy

No one wants to talk (or list) with a hangry agent. Fuel your mind by fueling your body with a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. Something quick and easy like whole grain avocado toast or a few scrambled eggs will fortify your mind for a focused prospecting session. And if you’re not a “breakfast person,” that’s alright! Just make sure you’re prepared with a good selection of healthy snacks to munch on in case you get hungry during your calls.

4. Prepare Your Numbers

Every successful prospecting agent knows exactly how many daily dials, contacts, and appointments they need to reach their goals. If you’re new to prospecting or aren’t sure where to start, commit to calling for at least 90 days (3-4 hours per day, 3 days a week) so you can set a realistic baseline. Not only will this help you set attainable daily call goals, but it will help you get a better grasp on the reality of real estate prospecting.

Power prospector Kent Brown doesn’t stop prospecting for the day until he’s reached at least 25 contacts and one listing appointment. When Kent first started prospecting, he had to call for at least four hours to reach his daily goals. Now, after two solid years of consistent prospecting, it only takes him a couple of hours to reach (or exceed) his daily numbers.

5. Review Your Business Plan & Your Goals

Every day before you get on the phone, review your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Make sure they’re realistic and still aligned with your business plan. Make any necessary adjustments, and most importantly… always remember your WHY.

One of the best ways to do this is with a vision board. Fill your board with images and quotes that remind you of your goals and what you’re working toward. Keeping these things in mind while you prospect will keep you motivated to push through your toughest calls.

6. Roleplay

After you review your goals and prepare your numbers, make sure you set aside 30-60 minutes every morning to roleplay your calls. Daily roleplay practice is the best way to internalize your scripts, practice tough objections, and get constructive feedback from other agents. You can find good roleplay partners through your team or brokerage, in online real estate groups, or if you are a REDX customer, you can call (801) 418-9480 between 12-4pm MT, Monday through Friday to roleplay with someone on our REDX support team.

No matter who you practice with, make sure you roleplay every day as part of your pre-prospecting routine. It will help you warm up and get those first few awkward conversations out of the way before you start calling REDX leads.

7. Recite Your Affirmations

After you’re done roleplaying, cleanse your mind and give yourself an extra boost of confidence by reciting positive, personal affirmations. It might feel cheesy, but reciting affirmations before you prospect is an excellent way to solidify your mindset and alleviate anxiety toward making calls.

Make sure your affirmations are directly correlated with your prospecting goals and habits. General affirmations aren’t bad, but they won’t be quite as effective at getting you into a prospecting-centric mindset. Over time and with enough repetition, daily affirmations will become second nature and will strengthen your prospecting attitude.

8. Visualization

The last point on our pre-prospecting routine checklist is to visualize the process of getting a listing. This doesn’t mean visualizing your commission check or what it will buy. It means focusing on the details of each step it will take to get there.

Right before you start prospecting, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and start by visualizing a successful cold call where you nail your script and handle every objection. Visualize setting a listing appointment and delivering a successful listing presentation. Visualize the process of listing a property or helping a buyer find their dream home. And finally, visualize signing a contract and closing the deal.

Invest in your success.

Studies show that it takes an average of 66 days to fully adopt a new habit or routine. So if you’re going to adopt a pre-prospecting routine like this one, we recommend making a three-month commitment to solidify this routine as part of your daily schedule. Set a new goal today: commit to this eight point process before every prospecting session and drastically improve your mindset, conversations, and client satisfaction.

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