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10 Healthy Mindset Activities and Exercises for Agents to Start and End Your Day With

Mindset is something that’s being talked about across many different industries, communities, small businesses, etc. While some people consider mindset to be just a way of thinking, others think of mindset as a way of being. Mindset means different things to different people, and in the real estate industry, creating a conducive environment that leads to a positive mindset – whatever that may mean for you – can make all the difference in how you conduct business – and yourself – on a day to day basis.

Start Your Day

1) Reflect on the Previous Day

Many times as agents, we are just going about our lives so quickly that it seems that one day blends into the next. If you had a disappointing day, you may think that it’s best not to dwell on it, and to keep moving forward with each new day that approaches. As true as this is, not facing something as it’s happening can come back in other ways later on. 

Therefore, a great mindset activity to do when you start your day is to reflect on what happened the previous day. Close your eyes, think about the good things and bad things that happened the day before and how you felt about them. Give those things the attention they deserve, and only then can you let it go. 

2) Create a To-Do List

As an agent, there’s no doubt that you already have a lot of to-do lists, and probably in many different places, too. A sticky note on your bulletin board, a white-board calendar, a list in your phone, Google calendars, etc. But, it can be extremely helpful to start your day by writing out a simple checklist, just for that day. You can categorize it by what’s most pressing and what you’ll get to, only if you have time. This can make your day feel a lot less overwhelming from the start (and, it’s even a good idea to do the night before if you have time, so that you can sleep better). 

3) Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts and apps are, for many people, essential to starting the day off on the right foot. There are apps like Headspace and Happify, where you can do everything from listening to meditation music to repeating mantras. There are also tons of podcasts to listen to as well. 

Whether you choose one specifically catered to real estate agents – such as Bigger Pockets, YES Talk, Real Estate Coaching Radio, or even the Lab Coat Agents Podcast – or, a podcast that has nothing to do with real estate or mindset, but it’s just something you enjoy listening to – this is a good way to put your mind at ease at the start of the day.

4) Do Something You Enjoy

Speaking of personal enjoyment, part of having a healthy mindset is to keep your mind and heart as happy as possible. Each day, you should make time to do something you enjoy, and sometimes, the best time to do this is in the morning. 

As our day goes on, it gets busier, and all we want to do is relax at the end of the night. This is why it’s best to do things you enjoy and/or that are good for your health (like going to the gym) in the morning. You’ll have a much more positive mindset throughout the day if you make activities you enjoy a part of your routine.  

 5) Let Go of Circumstances You Can’t Control

Not every day is perfect. You may have heard the news that you’ve lost a client, or you may have had yet another day where leads have fallen through. This is a normal part of not just being an agent, but of life! 

Luckily, failure – and, accepting failure – is an important aspect of actually improving your mindset overall. 

Learning to accept failure or mistakes is simply part of the path to success. So, instead of feeling down about any negative things that may be happening in your business, start your day by acknowledging them, and letting them go – especially situations you cannot control. 

End Your Day

6) Put the Phone Away

It’s hard to prioritize mindset exercises and activities at the end of your day. Because real estate agents are always so busy, there’s a good chance that you hardly have time to think about mindset, which is why it’s just easier to do mindless activities like scrolling through phone. 

While there’s nothing wrong with looking at your phone (especially if it’s for pleasure and not for work) it can negatively impact your mental health and your sleep to play on your phone right before bedtime. In order to help your mindset, try to be off your phone by 7 PM each day. This is so important for agents who often answer calls and texts from clients late into the night as well. 

7) Journal on the Day’s Happenings

When was the last time you journaled? Journaling may seem really out of character for some people, which is completely understandable. You may not like writing – or, feel that you do so much writing each day – that you’re not journaling at night because it’s not pleasurable. 

But, writing just a few sentences each day about the upsides and downsides of each day can help with your overall mindset and attitude. Writing things down and seeing them on paper can help make the bad things seem less upsetting and good things seem more exciting, too.

8) Make Healthy Food Choices

Our minds are so powerful, and any time we make unhealthy choices, it can affect us in so many different ways. Likewise, if we are stressed, we can start to experience psychosomatic symptoms. To help with your mindset, it’s important not just to think positive thoughts, de-stress, meditate, etc. It’s also important to control what’s going into our bodies. 

As an agent, it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of time to think about what you’re going to be eating on a regular basis. Whenever you have time to go grab lunch, that’s what’s easiest. But, even if it takes a few more minutes each evening, think about preparing a healthy lunch meal for yourself to eat the following day, to keep your body in focus when everything else is chaotic. 

9) Read a Book

In addition to journaling, reading books can help us in so many ways, from educating us, to teaching us about mindset, to helping our mindset altogether. Whether you choose to read that new bestseller that just came out or a book about improving your real estate business, doing this each night before bed can help you wake up refreshed and with new information and strategies to apply to your business.

10) Clean Your Desk

Each day before you head home from your office, clean your desk. Return anything that’s sitting out back to its place, go through any loose papers, and situate your items in an orderly fashion. When you’re done, give your desk a good wipe-down, too. Having a messy desk can seriously throw off your work ethic and mindset, whereas walking into your office with a clean desk awaiting you the next morning can make all the difference. 

What do you do to create a positive mindset? Let us know in the comments below!


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