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7 Tips on Managing Your Energy at Work

As a busy real estate agent, you must learn to recognize your own energetic ebbs and flows, as well as how to adapt your work production and how to recharge.

So how do you keep your energy levels up throughout the day so you can get everything done? Some days we work long hours, but if your energy is not effectively managed, this can lead to increased disengagement and burnout.

Follow our seven tips to keep your energy levels manageable and decrease your chances of burnout:

1. Block Off Time In Your Schedule For Yourself

Not all labor is created equal, and not every moment of the day provides us with the opportunity to work creatively for an extended period of time. We need to carve out chambers of protected time inside our schedules to recover. Block time every day just for you, whether it’s ten to twenty minutes to read a book or call your best friend to chat. Make time for you in order to recharge your batteries.

2. Start The Day Off With A Big Project

It’s easy to get caught up in checking the mundane tasks on your to-do list. Instead, begin your day by devoting time to an exciting project. Instead of checking your voice mails or answering social media requests in the morning, set aside a block of time (30, 60, or 90 minutes) to work on that big project you’ve been meaning to finish. With a sense of success and confidence, go about your daily tasks.

3. Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

Expecting a battle will earn you a fight because energy attracts energy. If you go in expecting fantastic things to happen, you’ll get the results you want. You can become more productive if you are conscious of your own energy and that of those around you. When you go into a difficult situation, do you think like a victim or a fighter?  Are you an opportunist or a visionary?

4. Know How Your Energy Levels Impact Activities

Know your “range” of energy in order to adjust your activities accordingly. Energy impacts your productivity and those around you. You can use “low energy” to focus on tactical activities, such as emailing and checking voicemails; you can use higher peaks of energy to focus on creative projects or working with a client. Being aware of how to use your energy will make you a better team leader overall.

5. Know How Your Strengths Can Deceive You

The importance of balancing positive energy cannot be overstated. When you’re “in the zone”, you’re using your energizing strengths. Even though these abilities can be exciting, you must be careful not to overdo them. A task-oriented person may excel at researching and analyzing details. However, they can risk missing the big picture or taking too much time to devote to a single project.

6. Creating Productivity Playlists

One of the most important factors in performance is your mental soundtrack. Negative thinking can deplete your energy levels. When you reframe negative thinking (for example, “I’m terrible at buyer consultations” into “I know I can perform a compelling buyer consultation if I’m prepared”) you’ll notice a rise in energy and productivity.

7. Identify Your Energy Requirements

Although not all energy is created equal, it is all contagious. Consider what the situation or individual requires and direct your energies accordingly. Bringing opposing energies together can result in a surprising explosion. Imagine you are calm and composed when someone comes at you with a loud presence. Keep in mind that productive energy is driven by current needs. You’ll master your energy needs if you meet someone where they are.


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