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6 FSBO Scripts To Land More Listings (Overcome Common Objections)

When it comes to For-Sale-By-Owners, they don’t think they need you as their agent. So when faced with an objection on the phone, all you need to do is show them the value you can bring to selling their home. Keep reading to see what to say to some of the most common FSBO objections and how to position yourself as a trusted expert.

Objection 1: I had a bad experience with a different agent

How to handle:

First seek to understand what happened in their past experience with an agent. Asking questions will help you know exactly what not to do if / when you become their agent! Show empathy and address their concerns with using an agent as they come. Then respond with unique ways you can bring value and ensure they will have a much better experience with you.

FSBO Sales script for objections

Objection 2: I don’t want to pay a commission

How to handle:

This is probably the most common objection agents hear when speaking with FSBOs. Most homeowners go FSBO because they want to make the most amount of money on their home. What they don’t know is how you can net them the same amount of money while also taking all of the hard work off their plate. All you have to do is communicate that to them in a way that makes sense to them.

Objection 3: Will you reduce your commission?

How to handle:

This objection just comes down to the homeowner not recognizing the value you bring as an agent. When responding to this objection, speak to their desire to keep as much money as possible. Keep it short and get the appointment quickly so you can tell them how you will net them the most amount of money in the transaction.

FSBO objection script - will you reduce your commission?

Objection 4: You are a new agent / don’t have enough experience to sell my home

How to handle:

As a new agent, it can seem hard to position yourself as the expert when you haven’t sold a lot of homes. All you need to do is use it to your advantage. When talking to homeowners, focus on what experience you do have and why they should list with you. Be sure to articulate the value you bring as someone who will work hard and give all of your attention to selling the home.

FSBO script for common objections

Objection 5: The market is hot so I can sell it on my own

How to handle:

A huge reason why someone decides to sell a home on their own is because of a hot seller’s market. They know it will sell so they try to save money by avoiding an agent’s commission. However, 90% of people end up listing with an agent because of their expertise. All you need to do is communicate your value so you save the FSBO the headache in the future.

FSBO script 5

Objection 6: If we did list, we would use a friend

How to handle:

When it comes to this friends and family objection, it’s important to tell the homeowner to explore their options. As you know, not all real estate agents provide the same amount of service. Be sure they know how hard you would work to sell their home for the most money and ask to interview for the job. This will help the homeowner find the best agent to sell their home and give you a chance to show your individual value and expertise.

FSBO script 6

Start using these FSBO scripts today to overcome common objections from homeowners. Also, be sure to check out our post about Circle Prospecting (6 Tips & Scripts to Lock in More Listings).

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