Apr 28, 2018 by - Hana LaRock

6 Apps Every Real Estate Broker Should Have on Their Home Screen

Technology has long since made its way into the real estate world, and smart brokers are always looking for ways to incorporate digital trends into their business. Though the old-school way of closing deals is still favored by many, there’s no question that sometimes the right technology can make the job a whole lot easier.  

While there are certainly many apps that can be considered useful for agents, there’s a lot of debate about which ones are really necessary and which ones brokers should stop relying on as much as they do. For instance, apps like Zillow and Trulia have caused a stir among agents, as they have played a significant role in how business is done by essentially forcing agents to buy listings from their sites.  

The good news is that there are many apps out there that can make a difference in your day to day life as a broker, without completely taking over. 

1) Agent Snap App 

One of the first things a client notices when he or she sees an ad for a home is the photo. Humans are visual creatures and in a time where everyone seems to have a decent camera on their phones, there’s no excuse for mediocre photos. So, whether you’re not so good at taking professional quality images or you don’t have the budget to pay for a photographer (or both), then download the Agent Snap App for iPhone. This app will take your ordinary photos and make them fit for a glossy magazine by automatically editing anything that may be preventing an interior or exterior shot from being as perfect as it can be.  

2) Knockwise 

The strategy of knocking door to door to get leads has been passed down through the ages. But, that can take a lot of time, research, and frustration, especially if people aren’t keen on you showing up at their doorstep.  

Luckily, Knockwise has figured out a way to automate the entire process by pulling in homeowner and market activity data automatically, ultimately taking real estate CRM to the next level. Once you have the information you need, you can begin knocking on doors that are a lot more likely to produce results than those that are simply a waste of time. Each farm you create can be monitored on the app, so you can keep track of homes, leads, and even time spent on tasks overall. Knockwise is currently available for both iPhone and Android. 


Similar to Knockwise, SPOTIO is a similar app that can be downloaded on Android or iPhone. This app allows users to utilize a variety of tools and functions to take charge of their marketplace. It’s a great tool for team management, as it’s easy to assign sales representatives to different neighborhoods and keep track of your team’s performance overall. SPOTIO provides meaningful data to help drive prospective leads through a sales funnel or determine where improvements can be made. The user-friendly interface makes organization a priority, so you can find leads, create customer profiles, track growth, and make sales in your territory faster than you can say “deal!” 

4) Typorama 

Having trouble adding 3D font to those open-house ads? That’s where Typorama comes in to save the day. This app makes it easy to add text to photos in order to make attractive ads, whether it be for Facebook, Instagram or digital publications. Just choose your background or photo and create any type of fancy writing you want. Typorama is currently only available for iPhone, though there is a very similar app for Android called Text on Photo 

5) TimeTree 

Real estate brokers have a lot of schedules and appointments to keep track off. They have open houses, team meetings, client meetings, and their own families to worry about as well. While apps like Google Calendar and iCloud certainly get the job done, they can be difficult to use and won’t work with people that don’t have the same device.  

TimeTree makes sharing calendars a breeze. Users can create different schedules based on seperate groups and share them with other members even if they don’t have TimeTree themselves. You can communicate with others through the app, set tasks or notifications, and even pull up schedules on your PC. TimeTree is currently available for iPhone and Android. 

6) Calm 

Last but not least, real estate brokers have a very stressful job. Though closing a deal can be one of the most rewarding feelings out there, it’s the process of getting to that point that’s enough to make a person want to change careers. Calm is a meditation app in which you can customize a schedule that allows you to fit in a daily meditation every day or have a meditation bedtime story at night. The app has many interesting features, is available for both Android and iPhone, and is quite necessary for all real estate brokers. 


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