Aug 09, 2022 by - Nick Baldwin

5 Surefire Ways to Increase Motivation 

Whether in life or business, everyone explores motivation when it comes to achieving extraordinary success.

Motivation, in my opinion, is really essential. Whatever you want to do in life, it all starts with your drive and motivation. In order to take action and form habits, you must be motivated. While we cannot rely only on motivation to achieve our objectives and act on our aspirations, motivation is still essential when it comes to taking initiative and attaining overall success in life.

Well, what happens if you don’t feel motivated? What can you do to increase it? Here are 5 quick surefire ways you can consider to fuel up your motivation and kick some butt:

1. Begin With A Simple Task

Every great accomplishment had a humble beginning. The idea is to lessen your resistance by tackling simple chores so that you will be motivated when they are completed.

Most individuals fail to act because they attempt to accomplish everything all at once. For example, instead of concentrating on how to lose 10 pounds, they opt to concentrate on how to lose 100 pounds. The more difficult the activity or endeavor, the more willpower and motivation you will need to complete it. Start with smaller increments or chunks and work your way up.

2. Get Up And Move Your Body!

Emotions are created through movements. If you lack motivation to work, don’t be concerned; simply walk around, stretch, and exercise your body.

Depression has been related to reduced levels of “feel-good” neurotransmitters in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. Regular exercise has been proven to increase the amounts of these substances, which can assist to enhance mood and motivation.

3. Reward Yourself

Making a little incentive for yourself is another wonderful method to feel motivated right away. Make an agreement that if you finish a certain task or assignment, you will reward yourself.

The reward might be anything from getting a massage to playing your favorite computer game to buying a new outfit. Anything that makes you feel good. The objective is to provide a rewarding experience that you look forward to. A reward that entices and pushes you to take action.

4. Talk To Someone

This is another effective approach to boost motivation; however, you must ensure that you are surrounding yourself with positive people. If you talk to someone who is unmotivated and pessimistic, you will feel even less driven as a result.

Energy spreads like wildfire. Have you ever chatted with someone who is very motivated and optimistic? Do you remember how you felt afterward? Most likely, their energy impacted you. Similarly, if you chat to someone who is tired, pessimistic, and uninterested, you will feel the same way. So instead, speak with someone who is upbeat and driven. When you talk about your goals and desires with someone, it helps you concentrate your thoughts on what you want and therefore motivates you.

5. Last But Not Least, Dive Right In!

Do you struggle to find inspiration to work? Just get in there and start doing it. As you take action and exert effort, momentum will build, and motivation will automatically follow.

It’s a simple concept. The more actions you take, the more actions you will take. Similarly, the longer you slack off and do nothing, the more probable it is that you will sit there, do nothing, and waste time.

Momentum may be your ally or your adversary. Make good use of it.


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