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— by Knolly Williams

5 Simple Tips for Generating More Listing Leads

Easy, Everyday Ideas You Can Immediately Incorporate into Your Real Estate Business 

Let’s review 5 simple guidelines that will help you generate more (free) listing leads almost effortlessly.

OK, so these are all tips you have heard before… but the question is, are you doing what you know you should?

1. Pass Out Your Business Card (to Everyone You Meet) 

A few weeks after I became a REALTOR®, I pulled into a Jack in the Box to order a not so nutritious lunch. As was typical for me back in those days, I was on-the-go and eating lunch at what should have been dinnertime.

When the drive-thru window worker handed me my sack of goodies, I handed her my business card in exchange. She thanked me, and I went on my merry way.

The following week, I received a call from a gentleman who had identified a property in which he was interested and wanted me to show it to him. Since it was not my listing, I asked how he had heard about me. He answered frankly, “Oh, you gave your card to my sister… she works at Jack in the Box.”


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