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5 Benefits of Using Virtual Staging in Real Estate Listings 

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It likely comes as no surprise that a majority of homebuyers start their property hunt online. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 41% of home buyers looked online for properties as their first step in the process.

This trend highlights just how important photos are in real estate listings. Images featured in listings must immediately capture attention and effectively present the space. Why is that? Because within seconds, prospective buyers might navigate away from the webpage to explore numerous other available properties. Making an immediate impact is key to keeping them on your listing. 

One way to grab buyers’ attention and keep it is with virtual staging. Virtual staging is a powerful tool in real estate marketing, where furniture and decor are digitally placed into property images. Virtually staging an empty listing is a fast and easy process, and using it can help you close faster. 

1. Showcase a Home’s Potential and Enable Visualization

An unfurnished space or outdated styling can decrease a property’s appeal. Virtual staging has the ability to showcase a space’s potential, aiding potential buyers in envisioning their future in the residence. Some people don’t have the ability to view an empty space and visualize the possibilities of it.

Virtual staging does the visualizing for them so they can see the potential of an empty space. Enhancing a home with appealing styling can impart warmth and kindle a sense of belonging, and creating an inviting environment that resonates with buyers will establish an immediate and profound connection to the space. 

Virtual Staging Made Easy

2. Boost Interest, the Selling Price, and Close Faster

Showcasing a furnished home can generate more interest online. Thoughtful styling of a home can help potential buyers feel a stronger emotional connection to the space. This connection can inspire a strong desire to live there, resulting in more attractive offers. Another recent survey conducted by the NAR shows that staged houses sell 75% faster than vacant properties, with 84% of staged homes fetching the listed price or exceeding it. 

3. A Budget-Friendly Approach to Furnishing Properties 

Virtual staging can cost as little as US$24 per image. Enlisting the services of a home staging company for physical furnishing can often entail significant costs, which often makes the service unfeasible for limited budgets due to its price tag.

Depending on factors like location, size, and the number of areas requiring furnishing, traditional staging costs can span a range from $2,000 to $10,000. Opting for traditional staging is ideal when your budget permits; however virtual staging stands as a great cost-effective alternative for those times when budget constraints arise. 

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4. Effortlessly Customize Style and Diversify Space 

Virtual staging not only offers a cost-effective alternative but also boasts the advantage of adaptable styling choices. Conventional staging might be limited in terms of available furniture styles and confined to a single design aesthetic. Virtual staging provides an array of design styles to choose from, and if a specific style doesn’t harmonize with a space, it can be swiftly and easily altered. 

Another big plus of virtual staging is its capability to effortlessly transform a room to display the versatility of the space. Showcasing multiple stagings of the same area can attract diverse buyers with varying lifestyles. Broadening a home’s allure by showcasing a room as an office and then transforming it into a bedroom, for instance, enables house-hunters to explore the potential uses of the space and visualize their future within it. 

5. Time and Effort Savings 

How much time can you invest – 48 hours or several weeks? Virtual staging can produce beautifully furnished images within 48 hours or even sooner. Conventional staging is a time-intensive process involving numerous considerations and typically spans several weeks. Bypass the cleaning, moving, and interior styling tasks by embracing virtual staging.

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