May 16, 2018 by - Michael Hellickson

44 Point Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist

The 44 point real estate listing presentation checklist is not only important, it is critical to YOUR success! This checklist gives you everything you need all in one place, so you are ready for the listing appointment in under 15 minutes. It also gives your staff the information they need to complete their job, easily and effectively. This checklist can save you time AND money all while listing more homes per appointment!

How do I use the 44 point listing presentation checklist?

There is no magic formula that can make every real estate agent ace a listing appointment, but having this checklist and knowing how to use it will definitely help you close more listings.

The top right column is for your staff to fill out, or if you are a lone ranger, you will be filling this out yourself. This is so you have all the information on the seller and agent later on, when you need to enter your notes.

The top left column is intentionally left blank. This is handy so you can print out the seller’s information—directly from your CRM—right on to your checklist. This eliminates bad hand writing or getting lost on your way to an appointment.

The first thing you will want to fill out when you arrive is the far right column. This ensures you know what you are dealing with before you jump right into the checklist (there is a section specifically to be filled out exclusively with short sale homes).

Why do I need 44 points?

Not everyone is going to have 44 points on their checklist because over time you will adapt the checklist to what you do and don’t want and need in your market.

Going through the sections, the first section you are going to need to fill out first is the far right section. You need to know right off the bat if this home is short sale or not.

Things you need for your CRM:

  • Cell Phone of Mr. & Mrs. Seller
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversary
  • Emails

You want to have these things in your CRM so you can interact with your clients on a personal level in the future. You want to be able to contact them on all levels and be able to send them something for your client events when that time comes.

Taking notes during the entire appointment is crucial for your office staff. They need to know what went on in the appointment so they can do their job efficiently.

There is a place for restrictions and marketing remarks at the bottom. Along with a place for top price, price after 30 days and price after 90 days. In the full tutorial video available on my coaching page, you will learn what these mean, and how they could save you tons of headache and money in the future.

The ‘44 Point Real Estate Listing Presentation Checklist’ should be called the ’44 Point Listing Appointment Checklist’ since wise agents understand that the best way to get the listing is to have a conversation, not a ‘presentation.’

Michael Hellickson recommends that you carry one red ink pen with you while on the listing appointment, so you can make changes to the checklist ON THE APPOINTMENT.

Every market is different, which is why we encourage you to download this checklist and make changes to personalize it.

Important Conversations with Mr./Mrs. Seller

  • Included Items (ie; Refrigerator)
  • Leased Fixtures (ie; Security System)
  • Updates and how often
  • Dogs/Cats/Pets

Having these conversations with the seller sets proper expectations so you can under-promise and over-deliver. These conversations are important, and ensure there are no surprises… Furthermore, when the focus is on educating the seller, and not on telling them how terrific you are, they naturally see you as the authority as opposed to a typical real estate agent.

Asking the seller when they would like updates sets the proper communication expectation. This, in turn, keeps the client happy and ready to refer you.

Having the conversation about pets—when the house is shown, there should be no sign that a pet lives there. Some people are not fond of pets, and that could potentially ruin an otherwise potential sale.

There is no doubt you will experience greater success when following this checklist on all your real estate listing presentation appointments!

Focusing on educating the seller as opposed to convincing them to list with you, setting expectations properly, and over-delivering on every promise will help ensure success in a listing presentation, and in managing the client post-listing.

Download the 44 point real estate listing presentation checklist, and start winning every listing today!


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