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3 Places To Generate Free Facebook Leads

Facebook leads are one of the hottest topics in most Real Estate discussions. From seller home valuation landing pages to Facebook’s new Lead Ads, the range is massive. Agents spend tonsof money buying Facebook leads from companies or on training to learn how to generate these leads themselves.

I’ve spent endless hours and thousands of dollars on both of the above.  Unfortunately, the leads I purchased ended resulted in low conversions.

There has to be a better way.  I started doing research after hearing about “Free Facebook Leads.” I noticed agents in my market’s posts on Buy Sell Groups. What??

This is what I found.

The best places to post these posts, besides your own wall, is

  1. Buy Sell Groups,
  2. Yard Sale Group
  3. Facebook Marketplace.

You can usually click on boxes in the post to hit all of these at the same time.

The next thing I worked on was the optimal phrase structure.  After testing out different methods we found that the following resulted in the most leads:

  • Don’t post the address!
  • Always include Price
  • Use high quality property photos
  • Use emojis. 
  • Don’t post an outside link to the property. 

Next came ad copy. What words or phrases resulted in the most clicks? We found that using phrases indicating incentives that applied to the particular property posted yielded the highest number of leads. Be careful to use phrases that directly apply to the property you are promoting; do not mislead the public. For the two examples we are showing you, these phrases resulted in the most leads for us:

  • “Qualifies for Down Payment Assistance”
  • “Approved for 1st time Home Buyer Program”, and
  • “Rent to Own”. 

So what would one of these ads look like? Here are two examples of Free Facebook Leads that crushed!  Both generated over 50 leads in less than a week.

The last thing few to keep in mind when posting these ads:

  • Read the group rules first, make sure your ad is allowed. 
  • Only post 1 ad per day or risk being kicked off Facebook. 
  • Always be friendly to the Admins of groups and respect feedback
  • Do not post in groups where these ads are banned. 


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