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10 Power Texts to Use Over the Holidays

We are always looking for the best texts out there. We are always modifying and enhancing our texts and communication. The key is still to be as authentic and simple as possible. People don’t want you to spam them, they want you to help them. Here are 10 texts that we have used and that we will use this holiday season. Use them, look at them, modify them or do what you will with them.

Some of the texts below have some grammatical errors on purpose. They seem more human and get a better response. Don’t forget to add your name and brokerage at the end of each so people know who you are.

Buyer Holiday Texts

1. Buyer – Someone who you’ve lost touch with in your database that was originally going to buy.
Hi (First Name). Are u still thinking about buying a home 🏡 this year? There’s usually less competition for houses during the hOlidays. Let me know if you’re free for a quick call 🙂

2. Buyer – Haven’t gotten a hold of the buyer.

Hi (First Name) I just passed by a home with amazing lights for the holidays 🚨! Reminded me of you and your home search. Are you still looking during the holidays?

3. Buyer – Just trying to get a response back.

Hey (first name), some great deals on the market right now due to the holidays. 🎄 Want to me text or email you a list?

4. Buyer – Creating urgency with buyers.

Hi (First Name), I know you wanted to start your home search in the spring but I really think you should consider doing it Now. Lots of houses sitting on the market due to the holidays. Can I send you a few by text?

5. Buyer – Trying to get a response back. Staying top of mind.

Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Omisoka (Japan), Boxing Day and St. Lucia Day. I think I got all of them 🙂 Anyway… Happy December 🍿. Did I miss any?

Seller Holiday Texts:

1. Seller – Trying to get a response back from a seller who said they were going to wait until next year.

Have a great end of the year (First Name)! I forgot to ask you, if I come across a serious buyer that is super interested in a home like yours, could I get him in to see the home during December☃️?

2. Seller – Trying to create urgency.

I know we discussed selling your home this spring but I really think u should consider selling now. There’s no inventory due to the holidays. 🎄 We should do something now while  competition is low. When’s a good time t chat? 🕰

3. Seller – very similar to number 2 for sellers and trying to create urgency again.

Hey (First Name), I know you mentioned waiting until early next year to sell, but even in this market homes are still selling for over the asking price and with multiple offers. Let me know if you’ve changed your mind 😊.

4. Seller – Sometimes straight forwardness works. We use this text with sellers we have had no contact with, just to get a response. To see if they are serious about selling or not.

Hi (First Name), low inventory during the holidays 🎄. If I brought you a great offer from a buyer would you consider selling? 🙂

5. Seller – Bringing Value without asking for anything in return. (If you don’t have a crew, find one on yelp.)

Hi (First Name), One of our neighbors is setting up lights this year and I’m just contacting a few peopel to see if they need someone to help with that? I have a good crew to help ☃️. Let me know.

*Before you text people please know the state and federal laws involved with texting. Good Luck!


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