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— by sarah Chatel

The Psychology of Selling a Home: Helping Sellers Deal with the Stress of Selling Their Home

Do otherwise sane people you know and love turn into Reagan, the little girl from The Exorcist, when it comes time to sell their house? Do you wonder, “Did I say something that set them off?” Or in extreme cases, “Is Mercury in retrograde again” because all of your clients are acting unrealistic at the same time?

As a new agent many years ago, having left an extremely stressful job in corporate technology sales, I thought Real Estate was going to be a breeze because I loved houses, furniture and different architectural styles. Easy street, right? Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate that I would become a therapist practicing without a license to my clients as they faced the stresses of preparing their home for sale, the showings, the contract negotiations and finally the closing. In the selling of their homes, my clients and I have shared births, deaths, suicides, divorces, downsizing, upsizing, promotions, losing their job and empty nest syndrome, to name a few.  

The client that affected me the most, thus far, was the woman who had—in her eyes—lost everything in a divorce from a high-powered attorney. She was selling one of their investment properties that he gave her as part of the settlement, with no idea of where she would go…






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