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— by sarah Chatel

Should Your Client Sell “As Is” or Remodel? 

  Inevitably, when meeting with my clients, the question comes up: “Should I sell ‘as is’ or should I remodel?”   Having lived through a number of renovations myself, I audibly or inaudibly quip, “What is your tolerance for pain?” Everyone laughs and we move on to the discussion of what would the return on in...

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  • Referrals are very important in this business. Gayle Zientek received 144 referrals by November of 2017. She shares her insights on how to attract good referrals in our new blog post! 🙏🏻✋🏻Read this in our blog! Link in bio.
  • "With something as big as a home or a Real Estate property investment, you have got to understand that there will be times you’ll encounter clients who may not know what they want, may not want what you have to offer and may not even know what type of property they need." Rett Harmon discusses some of the steps you can take to help you manage and meet your client expectations!

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  • Straight ⬆️ Wisdom #timferriss #4hourworkweek
  • "This is the experience a new home buyer gets when they walk into a home that hasn’t been staged. You’ve gotten the buyer all excited, they drive up and see a pretty front yard, walk in the front door and… nothing." Photographer J.R. Maddox discusses the importance of first impressions in the new blog. 🏘

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  • "You’re spending way too much time on your business, and it’s killing you. It’s past time for you to start hiring new agents to sell for you so you can leverage your expertise to expand and keep the business growing." Dale Archdekin dives deep on steps you can take to generate more leads with the help you your agents and ISAs 📥

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  • You are who you surround yourself with.