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— by Sarah Chatel

Do I Have The Winning Mindset That Matches My Goals?

If you’re like me, you had that talk with yourself about how much more money you want to make this year. So, if I am to stretch those numbers and my paycheck into the stratosphere, how do I get my mind, body, and spirit to catch up?  In November I work on my Growth Plan […]...

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— by Sarah Chatel

You Want Me to Sell What?! Lessons in Rising to a Challenge

No matter what your beginnings, where you grew up or your journey to where you are now, there have been lessons you’ve internalized along the way. Unconscious lessons that, when drawn upon, can be a bit of a surprise.  In the beginning of my Real Estate career seven years ago, I never thought I’d be in a position to sell […]...

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— by Sarah Chatel

Should Your Client Sell “As Is” or Remodel? 

  Inevitably, when meeting with my clients, the question comes up: “Should I sell ‘as is’ or should I remodel?”   Having lived through a number of renovations myself, I audibly or inaudibly quip, “What is your tolerance for pain?” Everyone laughs and we move on to the discussion of what would the return on i...

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  • Taking on FSBO listings as well as expired listings can seem intimidating for any real estate agent. That being said, these listing types are a section of the market that’s worth tapping into. Over time, a majority of FSBO homeowners who aren’t having luck eventually come around to the idea of getting an agent’s help, while many expired listings end up sitting on the MLS, waiting to be swooped up by another agent.

Here are some skills real estate brokers and agents need to have in order to snag these opportunities... 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 👩‍💻😊👨‍💻
  • We presented to over 15,000 people about AI: Any tool that will simply do the same thing over and over again and not learn from its actions is not AI. Learning means it can tell the difference between success and failure and can adapt its plans accordingly...
  • And that’s a wrap! 
2 days - 15,000 people watching live, 500 people in the audience 29 tech companies, The KW power, and Lab Coat Agents as the hosts...Massive Success! 🔥

We brought a new concept to the Real Estate world and it was a massive success! 
The winner of the event was Conversion Monster with a last minute win! 
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  • How Much Should You Really Be Helping Your Buyers? And, where to draw the line.

Real estate agents who go out of the way for their clients are sure to get some beneficial reward, like strong referrals in the future. But, what does “going out of your way” really mean? In this industry, the bare minimum simply won’t cut it. But, at the same time, when are you going too far to help your buyers, so much so that it could cross the line of professionalism AND take time away from your other clients? It’s a fine line. 👉🏼Click on our bio to read more! 👩‍💻😊👨‍💻
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