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— by Rett Harmon

Back Me Up on This: Types of Teammates that Complement the ADHD Agent

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorderbut I prefer to think of it as Attention Different.Because of ADHD, I am naturally bad at some things in the real estate office. Mundane tasks like filling out excel sheets and finishing piles of paperwork might take me hours, for example, while it takes other people less than one. Therefore, to keep things in the office running smoothly, I usually try to delegate out tasks to other people who are better at that particular task than me. This isnt passing off work to others—this is sharing the responsibility with your team. The reason we form real estate groups is because we can work better and accomplish more as individuals when we have a support group behind us.

It is especially important for a real estate agent with ADHD to build a solid team around him or herself. We may be Attention Different,but everyone is different in some way. For me, ADHD helps me become hyper-focused on an activity. Once I have an idea in my head, I can become obsessed with it and will spend hours upon hours working to reach my goal and trying to create new and innovative ways to reach said goal. This can be a superpower at times, but it can also be incredibly inefficient. By surrounding myself with a talented group of real estate agents who focus their energy and attention in a different way than me, Ive been able to eliminate many of the issues in the office caused by my ADHD.






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