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— by Hana LaRock

6 Strategies to Appeal to Your Clients’ New Year’s Resolutions 

As the new year is upon us, people around the country see it as a time to make a change — a change which may involve making big decisions about their homes. As a real estate agent, this is a great time to make some goals for yourself as well. A new year means more predictions and changes in the housing market, and an opportunity to get a head start on work for the upcoming year. Whether these clients will be looking to sell their homes, move into a new place, or purchase an investment property, we need to be ready for them. 

Here’s how:

1) Stay on Top of Next Year’s Trends 

Forbes states that in 2018, people plan on downsizing to minimalist homes, while others are looking for homes to invest in to earn passive income. Therefore, we may see a rise in small, urban housing units, as well as an increase in young buyers. It’s essential to know ahead of time what clients may be interested in and why. It’s not just knowing about homes — it’s about understanding your clients’ desire to make an entire lifestyle change. 

2) Get Involved in the Community 

Although an internet search might yield a good agent, word-of-mouth and seeing a face around the community are still the most effective ways for people to learn about you. In fact, according to the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 42% of buyers and 39% of sellers….






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