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— by sarah Chatel

Should Your Client Sell “As Is” or Remodel? 

Inevitably, when meeting with my clients, the question comes up: “Should I sell ‘as is’ or should I remodel?”  

Having lived through a number of renovations myself, I audibly or inaudibly quip, “What is your tolerance for pain?” Everyone laughs and we move on to the discussion of what would the return on investment for improvements be versus doing nothing but decluttering. 

Because it is still a seller’s market—for now—in certain price points and in certain areas of the country, most major upgrades will result in more money in the sellers’ pocket at closing.  As the market SHIFT comes into focus, I believe these recommendations will still hold true as our clients will be up against more inventory. Their homes will need to visually stand out against the rest of the pack. With a market shift, it will be harder to get the highest ROI. However, they will be able to sell in a shorter time span than their competition. 

Based on my experience and in researching this topic, the kitchen and bathrooms are still the best investments and will garner a quicker sale at a higher price. As an avid reader of home improvement periodicals, here are some suggestions which are also backed by my personal experience.  






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