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— by Bridget Anderson

How We are Getting a 1,450% ROI on One Simple Marketing Letter

Forget gimmicks, bait and switch tactics, and stealth lead capture.  People want sincerity. Over the past few years, we’ve tried multiple lead capture signage and Call-To-Action marketing, and have realized minimal to zero results.  I wanted a way to interact with our target market in a real and genuine way. In the past year, this has been my main focus when writing new marketing content for our team.

Let me tell you a story about how I created a genuine marketing letter that has yielded unbelievable results and great client satisfaction.

One July day, my top sales agent came to my office with a real concern about low inventory in the market.  Her buyer wanted to purchase in a very exclusive townhome development but there were no units available for sale. This spurred a conversation about current market struggles with low inventory and homes selling within hours of hitting the market. Buyers are struggling every step of the way. It came down to the question of how to find homeowners that are interested in selling but don’t have their homes listed. How can we effectively find and market to these potential sellers?



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