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— by Simon King & Sharron Wang

5 Tips On Winning Multiple Offers

Editor’s Note: This content was written as allowed by the Canadian Fair Housing Law. Please check your local Fair Housing Laws before implementing any of the following tips. 

It’s a seller’s market out there! Homes in most markets are selling for over asking and getting multiple offers is too common. For sellers, this is great news! When a home is presented to the market and everything is done right: good staging, open house schedules at bay, and reasonable price for instance, the chance of getting multiple offers arise. Recently we had a listing that was shown 80 times in one week and resulted in 7 offers!

Multiple offers normally mean happy seller, but only one lucky buyer, how can your buyer be that lucky one?

First Things First Is Your Client Approved for the Loan?

Always make sure your buyer is financially approved, NOT just pre-approved. Refer your buyer to work with a MORTGAGE BROKER. They are the professionals when comes to mortgages and they know the ins and outs of mortgages. Not all financial advisors from the bank can handle complicated mortgage deals and some deals do require a certain level of knowledge and expertise.  We have two mortgage broker teams that we work closely on a regular basis. They work with us seamlessly, often clients get rejected by the bank; these clients will always find a solution with these mortgage brokers.


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