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Ylopo Launches a Masterclass Focused on Lead Conversion for Real Estate Professionals

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In response to the ongoing problems many real estate professionals experience when it comes to consistent lead conversion, Ylopo sponsored the creation of a six-lesson Masterclass instructed by two industry-leading conversion experts, Robby Tefethren and Barry Jenkins.

LOS ANGELESApril 29, 2021  — As part of an ongoing effort to assist real estate professionals with lead nurture and conversion, the leading provider of digital marketing and lead generation services, Ylopo, is excited to announce the recent release of a project focused on education for real estate professionals specifically related to improving an individual’s ability to convert leads.

The project came to fruition in the form of a Masterclass complete with six in

Free Real Estate Lead Conversion MasterClass

-depth strategy lessons that are concise and to the point offering a unique focus on mindset and psychological concepts rather than the more traditional methods typically provided for the purpose of increasing lead conversion. The instructors selected for the project had completed hundreds of hours of research and conducted their own personal testing prior to compiling the lesson plan and filming the virtual courses for the public.

Having coached and trained hundreds of top real estate teams across the country Tefethren is considered a true lead conversion expert. Paired with his direct experience as a masterful ISA and trainer, Ylopo found Tefethren to be uniquely qualified to take on this project. Tefethren exhibits a creative approach to mindset and psychological principles and cleverly applies these concepts to real estate lead conversion; his methods proving to be a game-changer for the way agents approach their lead conversations.

“I really think that Barry and I were able to ultimately build a course that solves a big problem for real estate agents,” said Tefethren. “It was really a lot of fun getting to work with Barry on this project too. We shared a ton of wisdom, learned a lot from each other, and were able to crack the code on how to best structure conversations for drastically improved lead conversion.”

Barry Jenkins is the second instructor Ylopo selected to head up the Conversion Masterclass. Jenkins is the top real estate agent and team leader in the Virginia Beach area and ranks in the top 10 of Real Trends Top 1000 Agents. Jenkins runs three teams, selling anywhere between 700 and 900 homes a year. He is also the current CMO of Better Homes and Gardens NAGR, a full-time Head REALTOR®-in-Residence executive at Ylopo, and author of a soon-to-be-released book, “Too Nice For Sales”. Jenkins’ real estate career spans over two decades and within that time he has truly mastered the art of lead conversion through long-term trial and error and tactful scripting.

“At the core, real estate agents need to make money, and converting leads is a massive component of that,” said Jenkins. “When we were considering what course to make, we needed the perfect blend of relevance, content, and actionable advice to increase their bottom line. I’m biased, but this course is one of the most unique presentations of lead conversion I have ever seen or been a part of.” Jenkins concludes, “If an agent digests this content and applies it, they will absolutely have an increase in revenue.”

The six-lesson course is absolutely free. The entire course is available for open enrollment at

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