Mar 14, 2018 by - Costas Peppas

Win the Speed-to-Lead Race, Lose the Insanity

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Agent Legend. 

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a commission to another agent just because they responded faster than you. In an instant-gratification culture, homeowners expect you to be available every minute of every day–and night! That’s why 35-50 percent of deals go to the first agent who follows up. If you aren’t there right when they want you, they go with someone else.

But I’m sure you didn’t get into this business just so you could be tied to your phone like a glorified, 120 gigabyte leash, right?

So, What Are Your Options?


Agents and ISAs are only human. Unless you’re always on top of them, deals will fall through the cracks. Besides, your top agents should be spending their time doing what they do best…closing deals. And no matter how well you train them, an ISA will never be as good as personal follow up from you.


Robotic follow up is just that…robotic. Customers expect a human touch with something as important as buying or selling their home.


Okay, I’m kidding…kind of. You paid for those leads. You really don’t want them to keep slipping through the cracks.

What you really need is something that combines:

  • the 100% consistency of a robot
  • the personal touch of a human being,
  • and the savvy of a smart salesperson.

That would be the best of all worlds and it would make you pretty hard to compete with.

This is the kind of smart technology that Agent Legend has been perfecting for the last three years. It’s rock-solid follow-up that no one will ever suspect is automated. In other words, the buyer will think YOU are personally following up with them even though Agent Legend is doing it all for you while you sleep in.

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Automated follow up has been around for a long time. What makes Agent Legend different is our proven multi-pronged, multi-day approach that uses personalized email, text, and direct-to-voicemail messages. It’s THEIR name and property address. It’s YOUR voice. It’s no wonder agents and teams are seeing such huge increase in their lead response when they start using Agent Legend.

Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,, Real Estate, Agent Legend, Leads

How it Works

A buyer inquires about a property. This is a hot lead. Within MINUTES, she receives a text from you. Well, it’s from Agent Legend, but she thinks it’s from you. The message is fully personalized with her name and the address of the property. Maybe she calls you right then to set up a showing, or maybe she doesn’t. That’s okay though, because Agent Legend is just getting started.

Because once isn’t always enough.

What if she doesn’t call you back right away? People are busy. They’re interested, but they forget to respond. Maybe there are other properties on their radar. That’s why Agent Legend doesn’t give up.

Next, she’ll receive a personalized email, then a direct-to-voicemail message (recorded in your own voice). Tomorrow, she’ll receive a different personalized text in the morning and then you’ll lay low for a bit. The next day, some more strategic contacts. When she responds, the system stops, and hands the hot lead directly over to you.

Lab Coat Agents, Nick Baldwin, Tristan Ahumada,, Real Estate, Agent Legend, Leads

Deals are won and lost in the follow up.

Do you trust your current follow up system? Are you always available to respond to leads? Do you communicate with every lead on their terms? Do you put your best foot forward EVERY SINGLE TIME?

After experimenting with dozens of different formulas, seven non-salesy contacts over three days using three different channels seems to be the magical formula to get leads chasing you. Whether you use Agent Legend or not, staying in touch in this way will give you the best chance of landing the deal.


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