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Will You Be Replaced By An AI Real Estate Agent?

With the rapidly evolving development of artificial intelligence (AI) in the real estate industry, is it possible that eventually you could be replaced by an AI agent in the future?

Not yet, but probably sooner than you think, we’ll see 100% AI real estate agents.

These completely virtual and artificial agents will be able to have face-to-face conversations with customers, provide them with completely customized real estate information, and even walk them through virtual tours of real listings.

These AI agents will be able to work through challenges, answer questions, and even help clients deal with the emotions of buying or selling real estate. The tools to do this pretty much already exist. There are likely startups already creating these AI agents.

AI Real Estate Agent On The Phone

How To Get The Upper Hand On AI

So, what can you do to protect yourself against these changes?

Learn to use the tools YOURSELF before the AI version shows up! Plus, utilize the personal connection that video creates to protect the relationships you already have.

It’s all about the customer. If you give them an incredible experience, they’ll keep coming back and referring to you! If working with you is as convenient as working with an AI agent, they’ll choose the human almost every time!

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Start TODAY. This is an existential threat to your profession in the long run. Take it seriously. I don’t say that to scare you, but rather to help you understand how fast this is happening.

You don’t want to wake up one day to the announcement of AI agents with zero understanding of how to use these tools themselves.

The i-buyer movement may have lost some steam, but don’t for a second think that these companies aren’t still pushing hard to remove the need for an agent from the transaction.

AI gives them a new way to try to do that, and they’ll continue to give that effort they’re best shot supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in funding!

Where To Start With AI

Start simple.

Learn to use ChatGPT to write listing descriptions and social media posts. Try out the image generation tools like MidJourney and Dalle-2.

You don’t need to use these tools in everything you do, but you’ll want to stay in front of the changes as they happen. As the use cases for real estate become clearer, you’ll be able to take advantage of them right away while other agents struggle to catch up.

Here’s The Most Important Thing To Remember

AI tools are in their infancy. They seem to improve almost every day. If you tried them a month ago and didn’t like what they created, try them again.

You’ll be shocked!

Before we know it, these tools will be changing the way the world works. Don’t be an agent standing on the sidelines watching your industry shift! Get started studying and using these tools today, and watch as they improve your customer experience!

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