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There WILL BE Transactions: Are You Prepared to Take Your Share?

“Nobody is interested in buying or selling real estate because of COVID-19.”

“Why would anyone want to talk to a real estate agent when there is so much stress?”

“It feels as if it would be insensitive for me to call someone during a time of crisis.”

“Instead of bothering somebody now, I’ll wait until this thing passes.”

Have these thoughts bubbled to the surface of your consciousness in recent weeks?  If your answer is yes, that would be understandable. Real estate agents are not immune to anxiety, fear and, possibly despair, as we all face days of unprecedented disruption in our personal and professional lives. To be sure, the nightly news is grim.

If you’ve had these negative thoughts, you have two choices.  First, you can let them paralyze you into inaction. Or, you can acknowledge your fear and then focus on this reality: people are buying and selling homes?  Indeed, depending on where you live, there may be unique restrictions in place, such as in New York State.  But in the vast majority of MLS areas, the real estate marketplace is active. In fact, the Espresso Agent team is hearing from many of our agents/clients that it’s been business as usual. 

This is not a time for inaction in the face of anxiety.  On the contrary, forcing yourself to forge ahead as normal will serve to both energize you and put you in the hunt for revenue today, and set you up for greater success down the road. After all, sellers have to sell!  And, real estate lead generation is (and really, always has been) the ideal work-from-home profession.  As we discuss below, Espresso Agent is the ideal tool for agents looking to maximize their lead generation efforts. 

Fortunately, as part of the Lab Coat Agent community, you have access to some of the best advice in the business.  Make sure you take advantage of it.  In addition, here are a few suggestions to help you stay in the hunt during these uniquely challenging times:

  • CLEAR YOUR HEAD.  It’s absolutely critical to maintain a positive mindset in the face of so much negative information. Start by TURNING OFF THE NEWS! Negative news fuels anxiety and can be paralyzing.  Instead of watching the news, start your day with affirmations or reading something positive each morning.  Take a walk.  Start an exercise routine. Meditate.  There is so much you can do to keep yourself in a positive state of mind.  
  • STICK TO A ROUTINE. Fight the urge to sleep in an extra hour each morning.  Research tells us that routines help us keep anxiety in check.  Get up early. Have breakfast with the kids. Repeat your affirmations.  Then get to your home office (or dining room table set up as a home office) and get to work.  Let your family know this time is yours and should not be disrupted.  
  • OWN THE PHONES. This may seem counterintuitive, but many agents are finding that it’s been easier to connect with and engage prospects during these days of “shelter-in-place.”  You might be surprised to find people on the other end of the phone who are open to talking to someone, to getting a break in their own routine.  Focus on these critical areas:
  • Your sphere. These are “touch-base” calls to see how people are faring in the time of COVID-19.  These should not be hard-sell calls. Remember that you always want to nurture your sphere.
      • FSBOs/Expireds: If you’re an Espresso Agent client, you’re fortunate to have fresh, new FSBO and Expired listing leads delivered to your desktop every morning.  These are people who may be very motivated to sell for any number of reasons. 
      • FRBOs: For Rent by Owner leads may offer the best opportunity for revenue in the present environment. These are individuals who may have multiple properties and/or cash on hand to take advantage of bargains in a volatile market. Again, with Espresso Agent, you’ll have access to the best FRBO numbers.
  • KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. Anecdotally, agents are saying that they are getting little pushback based on COVID-19. In most cases, consumers have the same objections as always, such as an FSBO lead saying: “I’d rather sell it on my own and pocket the money.”  However, if you connect with someone who feels that this would be a terrible environment to try and sell their home, be armed with a few key stats to support the fact that your MLS is active.  Notably:
  • New listings that have hit the MLS in the past week
  • Number of listings that have gone into pending in the past three days

We’re not trying to sugarcoat the current state of affairs. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed the game for everyone, and it’s not likely to get easier in the months ahead.

But, as you’re sitting at your home office desk (or dining room table), continue to remind yourself that, despite COVID-19 and shelter-in-place, there will be real estate transactions. Then, look yourself in the mirror, affirm your worth, kiss the kids, lock the office door behind you, and get to work securing your lion’s share of those transactions.

Stay safe. Stay focused. Stay positive.

Check out Espresso Agent today to learn more about capturing seller leads who need your help now. 


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