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Doing RWB’s is an extremely important and effective system that I have been using the last 9 years in my previous business as a Marketing & VIP Director for high-end night clubs & restaurants that have been helpful in real estate too!

What is it?

What went RIGHT. What went WRONG.

What can be done BETTER.

My favorite times to use the RWB system is after hosting a client event, going on a listing appointment, completing a buyer consultation, teaching a class, role-playing, hosting an open house or brokers open, etc.

Basically after EVERYTHING!

Why is this helpful?

Let’s take a listing presentation for an example.

You go on the appointment and even though you got the listing signed there were still a few things that you could have done better or you may be thinking, ‘Ugh, why didn’t I remember to tell them this…’

Even if it was a slam dunk appointment, there is always something that could have gone better or been done better.

Ask yourself, what did I do that was really RIGHT?

Did you show up on time? Did you get all your points across? Did they love you? Awesome!

What went WRONG? Now wrong can seem as if it is negative and I am here to tell you it’s not.

Bold Law: Change the way you look at things & the things you look at change.

There is always room for improvement.

Did you use all the objection handlers appropriately? Did you stumble on one? Did you forget to ask them if you should remove your shoes & wear a mask before entering? Did you forget to ask them what their preferred communication style is? There is something that was missed.

Lastly, what could you do BETTER? Could you have been better prepared?

Could you have written out your questions or objection handlers in advance & brought them with you, therefore, you never forgot one?

The goal is to NEVER make the same wrongs again.

Even though I am basically an expert event planner, I can promise you EVERY SINGLE TIME we miss something. What you don’t want to do is redo those mistakes and you DO want to find new wrongs & ways to do things better each time.

This is a powerful tool.

If you did an activity with your team… include them together while everything is FRESH & top of mind.

File them and pull out before the same activity is repeated.

Go crush it & be flocking fabulous!


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