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Unleash Your Lead Generation Potential: Top Real Estate Tools for Any Market and Budget

In the competitive real estate industry, generating high-quality leads is essential for success.

In this article, we’ll explore the best lead generation tools for buyer and seller leads that yield results, regardless of your budget or market. From Ylopo to other technology-agnostic options, we’ve got you covered.

Gary Keller once said, “The number of qualified leads you have will either grow your business, keep you in business, or put you out of business.”

As a real estate agent, it’s essential to focus on lead generation options that provide high-quality leads at a low cost. But doing too much lead generation and neglecting lead nurture can cause your business to suffer, so it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance.

In this article, we’ll explore several lead generation tools for buyer and seller leads that get results, regardless of your budget or market. Many of these tools are provided by Ylopo, while others are available to any real estate agent regardless of technology being utilized.

But first, do you have your own lead fishbowl?

Home Search And Branded Sites

Howard Tager, CEO of Ylopo, believes that every agent must start by having their own foundation or “fishbowl” to maintain consistent lead generation.

This foundation should be a data and SEO-rich Home Search and Branded Sites for both the agent and their team.

The goal of every lead generation activity should be to drive potential buyers and sellers to the agent’s website because that way, they will belong to the agent forever – not the portals.

Ylopo’s branded search sites have AI tracking functionality that captures qualified leads with proven lead registration technology called dynamic lead registration. Even if a potential lead bounces off the site,

Ylopo’s AI tracking technology integrated with Facebook can bring back those visitors.
By tracking every movement of interested buyers and sellers on the site, Ylopo puts them in the agent’s fishbowl, which can be used to generate a significant boost in ROI at closing.

Proven PAID Lead Generation Tools

In this section, we will discuss the evergreen paid lead generation services offered by Ylopo and explain why these marketing tools are crucial for your lead conversion funnel. Let’s explore some of the tools you should be utilizing if you’re already a Ylopo client.

Dynamic Remarketing

One of Ylopo’s most potent tools is Dynamic Remarketing, and it consistently produces fantastic results.

By integrating your CRM database with Facebook, we can follow up with every lead in your database, ensuring that no one slips through the cracks unnoticed. With Facebook’s multibillion-dollar AI tracking software, we can display properties relevant to leads who engage with your listings on your search site.

Using advanced targeting, we can show the most suitable listings to the correct people in their Facebook and Instagram feeds, ensuring that our clients get the lowest cost per lead and the highest click-through rates on Facebook.

A click-through-rate is the percentage of people that click on your ad to visit your search site. Our goal is to ensure that you get the lowest cost per lead and the highest number of eyeballs on your ad. We want the most significant number of people to see the ad and click back over to your site, enabling them to convert into buyer or seller leads.

Dynamic Remarketing is also the most effective way to revive seemingly dead leads.

Without spending an extra penny on leads, you can revive hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of buried leads with RAIYA, Ylopo’s AI ISA assistant.

In some cases, RAIYA has re-engaged leads that have been buried for up to 900 days!
Remarketing has proved to be a powerful and essential tool for agents.

Dynamic Lead Registration

Have you ever thought about the information you collect when someone becomes a lead? Often, you only get a fake name, email, and phone number, and then you’re left to cold call someone who isn’t expecting to hear from you. But what if you could get a full lead profile that gave you all the information you need before picking up the phone? That’s exactly what Dynamic Lead Registration can do for you.

Ylopo has transformed the traditional lead capture model with a groundbreaking lead registration technology that guides potential leads through 11-14 questions that automatically adjust based on their responses.

With this technology, you can collect a wealth of information about each lead, such as their search and demographic data, and understand where they are in their home search journey. This enables you to better serve them and provide more value.

By using these dynamic registration forms, you establish yourself as a credible agent and marketer, as you have a 1-1 virtual conversation with a potential lead ahead of time. You can capture qualified leads first and generate more warm conversations with them before they escape to the portals.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect generates a high volume of leads at a low cost-per-close. These leads are of the highest quality you can get from Facebook and PPC, costing only ⅕ of what portal leads cost.

Once a lead registers, you collect valuable home search and demographic data about them and then a team of real estate professionals vet the incoming leads for you before sending them to you directly to book an appointment.

Ylopo invested $2 million and spent over 6 months testing before launching Direct Connect, which now has over 400 agents enrolled.

During the beta testing of Direct Connect, which lasted 14 days and involved hundreds of agents, RAIYA, the AI chatbot, received an industry-leading 51% response rate from consumers.

Direct Connect paired with the dynamic registration technology we mentioned earlier, builds a lead profile based on 20-23 questions and crystallizes home search objections early on to filter out the 85% of “looky loos.” This makes the buying and selling process more direct, seamless, and exciting for the buyer or seller. The extensive science and testing involved in the registration and vetting process ensures that Ylopo sends only the highest quality online leads available to the agent.

Direct Connect leads cost a fraction of what the portals charge and don’t require a split of the commission or any hidden service fees. By the time a prospect talks to your ISA or agent, setting an appointment becomes effortless, and the transaction process shortens drastically.

Facebook and Instagram: Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

Ylopo collaborates with Facebook and Instagram to utilize their advanced Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) functionality. By inserting a Facebook pixel on your search site, we can tailor listings to very specific segments of people and show them these listings in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Ylopo is also currently testing dynamic ads with TikTok, YouTube, Bing, and Pinterest to assist agents in expanding their database and obtaining top-quality leads from social media platforms.

When users land on your site and click on a listing, they will continue to see that listing and similar ones in their Facebook feed because of the powerful AI and tracking mechanisms powered by Facebook. All ads direct the consumer to your search site, keeping them engaged in their home search experience, and increasing the chances of capturing their data for remarketing purposes.

Ylopo co-founder, Director of Marketing, and Head of Product Development, Juefeng Ge, provides an in-depth analysis of Dynamic Product Ads and their importance as a marketing tool to generate quality social leads for agents. Click here to watch the video.

In short, Dynamic Remarketing allows us to follow up with users who have clicked on ads and bounced off your site, and present them with additional listings closely matching their search criteria on Facebook to keep them coming back.

Listing Rockets: Carousel and Dynamic Video

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to promote your seller’s listing on Facebook and Instagram, Listing Rockets are a great option for both single agents and large teams.

These ads come in two types: photo carousels and dynamic video ads (DYVA Ads), which are tailored to the lead’s behavior activity.

DYVA Ads come in various video types, such as “Price Reduced”, “Active Listing”, “Just Listed”, and “Coming Soon” ads. You can use your own videos or have Ylopo create them for you. Branded and unbranded templates are also available for your convenience.

Show—Don’t Tell

Many agents fall into the bad habit of promising to market a property, but then fail to provide data or benchmarks on how their campaign is performing for the client.

With Listing Rockets, this problem is solved. You can generate a detailed seller marketing report that provides real numbers on how your lead’s ad campaign performed in the past 30 days, and a forecast of what they can expect in the next 30 days.

This level of reporting demonstrates that you’re a trustworthy advisor and marketing expert. Instead of just telling your lead what to expect, you can show them a tangible plan and the data to back it up.

Senior Realtor in Residence, Barry Jenkins, discusses Ylopo’s listing rockets and seller report capabilities in greater detail in this video. You can check it out here.

Google Pay Per Click: Buyers And Sellers

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) is a valuable lead source for real estate agents, providing high-quality, bottom-of-funnel leads who are actively looking to buy or sell a home. While these leads are more expensive than those from Facebook, the intent to transact is higher, and millions of agents are bidding for the same keywords on Google, driving up costs.

However, Ylopo has invested heavily in dynamic Pay Per Click targeting, enabling agents to rank for hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of long-tail keywords in their target area.

With this approach, Ylopo has achieved exceptional results for clients such as Mark Z. and Sarah Spencer.

For example, Mark Z. saw a 12% lead registration rate improvement among potential buyers and sellers who clicked on his ad, while Sarah Spencer generated $3.5 million in transaction volume in just 8 months from Google PPC and LSA, closing 5 and putting 6 under contract out of 665 leads.

Ylopo’s industry-leading dynamic targeting approach is designed to lower the cost of PPC ad spend, while generating more leads for agents.

With the ability to capture more bottom-of-funnel leads and drive them to home search sites, agents can nurture these leads down the funnel and achieve a positive ROI, even in a downturn.

Google LSA

Have you ever searched for “real estate near me” or “real estate agent in (my area)” on Google and noticed three agent profiles at the top of the page? These are Google Local Services Ads (LSAs), and agents pay Google to keep their brand visible. However, the three agents showcased change frequently due to Google’s consistently evolving algorithm.

Despite the high expectations and standards that Google holds agents to, LSAs can be a scalable lead source for your real estate business.

Aaron “Kiwi” Franklin, Juefeng Ge, and top agent Mike Bernier of Lab Coat Agents have created a training to help agents avoid common mistakes with Google Business Profile and LSA ads and leverage these marketing tools to win more leads and deals. You can click here to watch it.

The advantage of LSAs is that you only pay for valid calls, not per lead like with portals. However, you must stay on top of Google trends and respond to leads quickly to maintain a high ranking. If you miss a call or receive a negative review, Google may penalize your ranking.

To overcome these challenges, Ylopo offers RAIYA live, a live call center that answers calls, optimizes your LSA profile, and handles lead activity in your dashboard.

Ylopo’s RAIYA live team can answer every call, vet the call, take notes, and transfer quality leads directly to your CRM. They can also dispute negative reviews or spam calls and get your money back in as little as 48 hours. Additionally, Ylopo has a Google consultant who can troubleshoot any issues and keep you informed about what’s happening behind the scenes at Google.

Discover Some Lesser-Known Organic Lead Generation Tools

New or struggling real estate agents without capital to invest in lead generation still have a host of tools and strategies to use to help maintain their lead pipeline. In this section we will discuss free tools available to Ylopo clients as well as some free tools available to any real estate agent not using Ylopo.

Google Business Profile

One of the most underrated organic real estate marketing tools is Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or GMB).

With millions of people using Google daily to find representation in their home search, a strong online presence on Google is essential.

Google Business Profile is a free tool that allows agents to position themselves as an authority in their market, drive leads to their search site, capture data, and convert them into paying customers.

The profile should include pictures of the agent and their team, 5-star reviews, and valuable content to encourage potential clients to schedule a call. Ylopo offers a team to manage and optimize Google Business Profiles for agents and teams of all sizes but any real estate agent or team can set this up themselves for free.

Open House Tool

Ylopo’s Open House Tool simplifies the traditional registration model by creating a seamless, one-click digital experience for visitors.

With a customized QR code attached to a branded open house flier, visitors can easily register with a few questions, and their lead profiles will be uploaded into your CRM for retargeting purposes. You can customize the questions asked to visitors, and even if there’s no internet connection, they can still scan the code and register.

By using this tool, you’ll add value to your visitors’ home search experience and capture their data to keep the conversation going.

All Ylopo clients receive this tool for free, along with several other marketing tools to help generate new leads and sales while increasing brand awareness.

The Buyer Heat Map

Use Ylopo’s Buyer Heat Map tool to impress potential seller clients and establish yourself as a top agent in your market. This tool provides dynamic data on qualified buyers who are interested in homes like your seller lead’s property in their specific area.

The Buyer Heat Map tool can generate a detailed report on buyer data for your listings. You can access information such as the number of buyers in your database looking for properties with the same features as your listing in a specific area, and their distribution.

Additionally, you can identify key social media marketing opportunities by looking at the number of buyers within a 10 mile radius who are likely to move soon, first-time homebuyers, or people who recently looked for homes for sale.

The report even provides further details such as the number of views generated by your team’s ad campaigns on social media, the number of active homebuyers searching in your area, and the number of listings you are investing $1,000 or more to advertise online.

You can print this report or share it via text, email, or social media to showcase your marketing expertise to potential clients.

Market Trends Report

This is another free tool all Ylopo clients have access to that can be used to generate leads, just like the open house tool. It allows you to pull market trends data such as medium price, total active listings, or market action index for a particular seller lead.

With this tool, you no longer have to guess what a particular seller’s market is like. You can immediately send the report via text or email, or print it out to show your leads. You can say, “Hey, I’ve got this awesome report. Do you have five minutes? I’d love to send it to you?” and then ask how their search is going to seamlessly start a productive conversation.

This tool is branded on your site and your agents’ sites, so if a buyer clicks on one of the agent’s listings, they will see which agent owns that listing and will be sent directly to their search site.

You can post this report on social media, use it for farming, and use it as tangible proof to win more leads.

The Branded Single Listing Flier

The Branded Single Listing Flier is another Ylopo lead generation tool free for clients that is an easy and effective way to create a branded listing flier in just a few clicks, featuring your name and the details of your listing.

Share this flier with your leads and direct them to your home search site to capture their data, add them to your database, and let RAIYA nurture them down the funnel.

Customize the listing status and add your lender’s information as you see fit. Print the flier and share it with prospects during your showings or provide them with a QR code or link to take them to your search site.

What Ever Happened To Good Old-Fashioned Selling?

As a real estate agent, you understand the importance of being versatile and adaptable in an industry that is constantly evolving. We understand that not everyone is a Ylopo client with access to cutting-edge digital marketing products, so we have some other ideas to share that are tried and true methods for free lead generation.

In order to maintain a steady flow of leads without spending any money, you can equip yourself with the following free tools and techniques:

  • Door knocking
  • Cold calling
  • Growing your Sphere of Influence
  • Referrals from other agents
  • Hosting open houses
  • Establishing local partnerships
  • Farming neighborhoods
  • Pitching to local investors
  • Creating valuable content on social media
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Guest podcasting
  • Attending events, local seminars, and conferences
  • Joint promotion via email, social media, and ads

By leveraging these tactics, you can effectively and efficiently generate leads without having access to a complete digital marketing tool like Ylopo.

“You Need To Strike A Balance”

There are numerous ways to expand and optimize your lead generation sources, and not all methods work equally well in every market. Experiment with various sources, monitor their progress for a few months, and discard or replace any that aren’t effective.

However, maintaining consistency is critical, and striking the right balance with your lead numbers is a bit of a juggling act.

You must always have enough leads in your pipeline to keep you busy while also ensuring that you don’t over-invest and neglect incoming lead follow up and nurture.

Throughout the typical ebbs and flows of the real estate market, always prioritize revenue-generating activities: filling your pipeline with leads and nurturing those leads into clients.

You cannot coerce someone into purchasing a home if they are not prepared, but you can position yourself as the first person they think of when they are ready.

Whether you’re a newly licensed agent or lead a large team, Ylopo has the velocity, manpower, and industry expertise to test, refine, launch, and enhance relevant products for any agent or team in any market.

Click here to book a free consultation with one of our specialists to discover our suite of organic and paid lead-generation products today.

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