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The TOP 5 Real Estate Podcasts You Should be Listening To

There is so much content out there these days! I spend many mornings and car rides listening to podcasts. This is great FREE content where you truly control what you listen to. From mindset to video to objections, you can find a lot of solid information out there.

I chose this list based on being applicable to most real estate agents daily lives. Sure “Ask Gary Vee” is probably my favorite but the show doesn’t always directly apply to life as an agent.

The list below has seriously had a direct impact on my real estate business; from early days as a realtor to now operating a large team and beyond.

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1) “Real Estate Marketing Show” Hosted by Mike Bjorkman.

This podcast consistently delivers fantastic day to day content for all agents. Mike is a phenomenal real estate trainer. Some of my favorite episodes were on Branding, Scripting, Objections etc., etc. Check out the site here: http://realestatemarketingshow.com/ 

2) “Pat Hiban Interviews Real Estate Rockstars” Hosted by Pat Hiban.

This podcast was my go-to in my early days as a realtor. Pat interviews some of the biggest personalities and producers in the real estate space. Most guests share some “Actionable” content that can be used immediately in your real estate business. There are almost 600 episodes with great guests such as Barry Jenkins, Brian Curtis, Jesse Zagorsky and Sam Khorramian. I was lucky enough to be invited to speak on Pat’s podcast and it was amazing and fun. https://hibandigital.com/ 

3) “Real Estate Marketing Dude” Hosted by Mike Cuevas.

Mike crushes it with his podcast being both genuine and fun. Mike interviews many other agents as well as gives his own thoughts on much of the subject matter. He is one of the smartest “dudes” on marketing and shares TONS of tips throughout each episode. Check out the episodes with Zandra Ulloa, Kevin Markarian and Tristan Ahumada, plus many more. http://www.realestatemarketingdude.com/podcast/

4) “The Brian Buffini Show” Hosted by Brian Buffini.

Brian has a fantastic backstory and his huge personality shines through on this show. Brian interviews some amazing people; from Brian Tracy to Darren Hardy. This show is more about mindset than daily actionable content. https://podcast.brianbuffini.com

5) “GSD Mode” Hosted by Joshua Smith.

This was the first podcast I ever really got into. Joshua interviews names such as Grant Cardone and Jay Papsan to agents in his network who are doing big business. It’s really a mix of mindset, health/fitness and interviews. Joshua Smith is super passionate about this show and it comes through big time. http://www.gsdmode.com/


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