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The Best Expired Script & Objection Handlers for 2024

When it comes to prospecting calls, experienced agents and coaches all say you should follow a script. The tricky thing is, there’s no such thing as a “perfect script” and there are a lot of options to choose from. And since no two conversations are alike, even the most popular prospecting scripts aren’t ideal for every situation. 

Not to worry – REDX is here to help. After reviewing and testing dozens of scripts with successful prospecting agents, we’ve come up with a tried-and-true script dialogue and objection handlers for Expired Leads that will get you closer to your next listing appointment.

Expired Script Tips

Before we dive into your new Expired script, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Talk Less, Listen More: Aim for a 40% talking, 60% listening ratio. This balance prioritizes the client’s needs and builds trust, rather than focusing only on your achievements.
  • Be Flexible: Adapt your script based on the lead’s responses. Tailoring your approach to their specific needs ensures each call is personalized and effective.
  • Record Your Calls: Use call recordings to analyze and refine your dialogue with a coach. This helps improve your tone, pace, and responses to objections, enhancing your overall prospecting skills.

Practice: Consistent practice is essential for script mastery. It enhances natural delivery and builds confidence, enabling you to handle different conversations effectively.

And remember, your main objective isn’t to sell your services over the phone…
The goal of every conversation is to secure a listing appointment for a face-to-face meeting with the homeowner. 

By following these script tips, you’ll be able to establish trust, build relationships, and grow your business through effective Expired prospecting calls.

Expired Script & Tips

To help your conversations sound more natural, the script below is split into three parts of the conversation. Each part includes what you should say along with common responses and dialogue tips.

Let’s get started!

FIRST, introduce yourself and find out if the home is still available: 


Hi, [name]?

This is [your name] with [your brokerage], here in [your city].  

I was calling about the property at [property address]. 

I saw that it was on the market, but it looks like the property never sold. 

Did it end up selling privately, or is it still available? 


This is when you’ll start to hear brush-offs. Common responses sound something like… “No, it didn’t end up selling,” or “Oh, no, it’s still available,” or “No, it’s no longer available,” and they often come with a reason. 

SECOND, ask discovery questions to uncover the homeowner’s motivation to move:


Remember to repeat any brush-offs or objections they may have before continuing to your discovery questions…

Oh, I understand. It didn’t end up selling because [repeat reason].

Well, I was quite surprised that it didn’t end up selling while it was on the market. I’m just a little curious… when you and your agent were chatting and planning on what they were doing to get the property sold, did they ever mention why the home didn’t sell?


They’re going to say something like, “No, they never told me why it didn’t sell,” then you’re going to approve, repeat, and ask another question…


Hey, I totally get it. Your last agent never really communicated why it didn’t sell. 

Had the home sold, where were you headed to next?


This is a really important question to get answered! Discovering their motivation to move will help your conversation move toward a close. They might say, “Well, we were hoping to move to Florida…” 


Okay, so you’re moving to Florida. That’s really exciting.

What was important about Florida that had you excited to move?  


You want to go deeper into why they were selling. Don’t just say, “Oh, Florida. That’s interesting.” Go deeper! What specifically was important about moving?


“Oh, a new job. What would a new job have done for you?”

“Oh, you want to be closer to family. Who in your family lives out there?”


Repeat and approve their response, then…


“Well, you needed to be in Florida, how soon did you need to be there?” 


Again, these are discovery questions. With each piece of information that they give you, it’s going to allow you to go for the close. Don’t dig so deep that you never get around to setting the appointment, but make sure you effectively uncover their motivation and urgency to move before working toward the close…

THIRD, leverage the homeowner’s motivation to push for the close and set an appointment:


So, [homeowoner name] it sounds like making that move to Florida is still important to you…
If we could help you get there tomorrow, would that pose any sort of problem for you and your family? 


Would it be okay to have a sold sign in your yard within the next three months?  


The homeowner typically answers something like, “Well, yeah that would be nice. But… [objection].” Don’t let objections get you down! We’ll show you lots of ways to deal with them later in this blog. In general, you can push past them by being understanding and moving back to their motivation…

SCRIPT (Close #1)

I totally understand, but let me ask you this: if we could get you started with your new job / get your son into that new school / [motivation for wanting to move], would you be available to meet with me this afternoon, or would tomorrow be easier for you?


Again, you might get some more pushback or another objection. 

No matter what the objection is – repeat it, approve it, ask a question, then push for the close again. Here’s an example: 

SCRIPT (Close #2)

I totally understand. You don’t want the same experience as last time and [homeowner name], I’m not looking for any sort of commitment with this meeting – just an opportunity to show you exactly what we’re going to do to get your home sold, just like we’ve done with 200 of our other clients this year. 

I mean, at the end of the day, it’s your decision whether or not you’re going to hire me, right? 

So if I can show you how we’re going to get you sold, get you to Florida, and get you the money that you need to do that, would that be worth a 15-minute meeting?

I really think we can make it happen, and I’d love to share how. I can meet today at [time] or tomorrow at [time]. Which would be easier for you?


Keep in mind, you may not be able to get the appointment right away. But if you stay focused and in control of the conversation, you’ll have no problem using this script to set more appointments with Expired Leads. 

Expired Objections (and how to handle them)

In real estate prospecting, effectively handling objections is key to success. Your ability to navigate and overcome objections demonstrates your confidence and credibility as a capable agent. When handling objections, it’s important to acknowledge the objection, provide reassurance, and offer a solution that addresses the homeowner’s concerns.

Here are some common Expired objections with scripts and strategies on how to best handle them:

Objection: “We’re not selling anymore.”

Script: Oh, ok. Thank you for letting me know. When you were selling, what had you interested in getting it sold to begin with?”

Strategy: Acknowledge their decision and then ask about their initial motivation for selling. Use this to discover how you can assist them in achieving their original goals.

Objection: “We’re going to wait until… (the market gets better / next spring / etc.)”

Script: “Yeah, you’re going to wait until [time they said]. I can certainly understand the logic in that, [name]. I think most people feel just like you. Let me ask you this. If you knew that by waiting until [time they said], you’d be leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table, would you have to wait until [time they said] or could you move up that timeline?”

Strategy: Highlight the risks of waiting, such as potential loss in value or changes in the market that might make selling later less advantageous.

Objection: “We’re going to list with the same agent again.”

Script: “That’s really interesting, and I can certainly appreciate your loyalty to your past agent. But let me ask you this: what is more important to you – getting your property sold or listing it again with that same agent?”


“I can understand wanting to go with the same agent, and I can appreciate your loyalty. What do you think your agent is going to do differently this time that they didn’t do last time?”

Strategy: Respectfully question their decision and ask if listing with the same agent or getting the home sold is more important. OR ask what the agent will do differently this time. Offer a second opinion and a fresh perspective on marketing their property.

Ready… set… PROSPECT!

Mastering the art of prospecting Expired Leads requires not just a good script, but also the ability to listen, adapt, and handle objections effectively. By incorporating these strategies and scripts into your approach, you can build trust with potential clients, understand their needs and motivations, and guide them toward a successful sale. Remember, your goal on the phone isn’t just to pitch your services, but to secure a face-to-face meeting where you can demonstrate your value. With practice, patience, and persistence, these techniques will not only help you set more appointments but also grow your business in the ever-evolving real estate market. Happy prospecting!

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