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Why Simple Video is Good Enough (Plus 6 Examples) 

If you’re like most Real Estate agents, you’ve considered the video opportunity. It gives a more human way to communicate in your relationship- and referral-based business. You look for opportunities to get face-to-face with prospects and clients, and video helps you do this any time and at scale.

If you’re already putting video to use in a traditional sense (think: home tours, community videos, branding or recruiting videos, etc.), simple video presents a new opportunity. And one that doesn’t require scripts, lights, or edits.

If you’re not taking advantage of video, simple video offers you an easy, inexpensive and effective way to connect. And one that’s just as quick but far more effective than leaving a voicemail. 

Learn what I mean by “simple video,” discover why it’s good enough (even if you think it isn’t), and see several examples from an agent who records hundreds of them every year. 

Traditional Video vs. Simple Video 

“The person who shows up the most wins,” says Josh Rogers of SELECT Property Partners, a Keller Williams team in Jacksonville, Florida. “But everyone gets paralyzed with perfection and never gets anything done.” 

If you’ve been standing on the video sidelines, you may feel like your video isn’t good enough. That it doesn’t look or sound good enough. Or that you don’t look or sound good enough. That it’s not produced, professional, or – worst – perfect enough. 

This is because your point of comparison for “good enough” is a film trailer, television commercial or homepage video. You’ve been trained to understand video as scripted, produced and edited. 

And if you’ve been using “professional” or traditionally produced video, it’s likely a serious investment of time and/or money. 

In short: you’re expecting or using video for marketing. 

Instead: think about video for relationships.

Video for relationships involves less production and, as a consequence, more authenticity. It’s not scripted. It’s not edited. Even though it helps to orient yourself toward the sun, toward a window or toward a lamp, there’s no “lighting” to be done. No special equipment’s required; in fact, you already have what you need – a webcam or mobile device.

The game has changed. More accurately: it’s expanded. Video for marketing is still effective and useful. If you’re already doing it, keep it up! But video for relationships is an entirely new opportunity for you.

Your point of reference for this type of video communication is no longer a television commercial. It’s a voicemail – or a typed out email or text message.

Simple Video, Demonstrated

Watch this example to see Josh perform for a colleague an after-phone-call follow-up video with his smartphone. Halfway through, Josh breaks down what he does and why. He recorded and sent this video as an example. 

You might be thinking: is that video good enough to send to a prospect, client, or anyone else in my sphere of influence? If so, read on … and see more examples below. 

Simple is Good Enough 

Not only is simple video good enough, in many cases it’s better than produced video. In Josh’s words: “Real, authentic, and ‘messy’ is what customers want because they can identify with it.”

And he’s not alone in this.

A couple years ago, I detailed what I call “The Shiny/Authenticity Inversion” based on my own observations and feedback from hundreds of Real Estate agents I work with through BombBomb. This theory addresses the reasons behind the rise of simple video in the context of sales. Hint: it’s about trust.

Several months later, the Content Marketing Institute published Visual Realism: The Way to Build Trust with Your Audience, which describes how and why multi-billion dollar, global companies like Levi’s and Coca-Cola are intentionally reducing the production value of their photos and videos to feel more real and authentic. Hint: you have a big advantage over big brands here.  

And years earlier, two faces familiar to nearly everyone in the LabCoat Agents community, Tom Ferry and Gary Vaynerchuk, served as the basis for an exploration of what “good enough” is. Yes, both Tom and Gary have professional crews capturing video for their YouTube channels and other video distribution points. But in this conversation, a simple Flip cam was all they needed. Hint: it’s about content. 

A webcam video you just recorded may feel imperfect to you, so you refuse to send or share it. The barriers each of us puts up, though, are more about us than about our prospects, clients, agent network and sphere of influence.

When understand that your alternative is a typed-out message that doesn’t differentiate you and doesn’t build trust, rapport or relationship, that video immediately blows by “good enough” and gets to “far superior.” It’s even better than a voicemail.

Your face, voice, personality, expertise and emotion come through. Sincerity, gratitude, enthusiasm, concern … it’s all there.

When you can’t be there in person, video is the next best thing. And simple video allows you to do this faster and more often. And as Josh knows from sending hundreds of simple videos every year, the more you show up, the more you win. 

When to Use Simple Video

You’ve got opportunities every day to make a difference in your life and your business with simple videos.

  • Lead follow-up
  • Lead nurturing
  • Appointment or call reminders
  • Appointment or call follow ups 
  • Requesting a referral or online review
  • Thank you
  • Congratulations
  • Happy birthday 

Any communication can be considered for video communication. Any message in which clarity, tone, or emotion plays a significant role especially benefits from video.

Sounds nice, right? Sure. And it’s true.

But what you really want is to see what it might look like in your Real Estate business.

A big “thank you” to Josh Rogers for allowing me to share these examples. Each was sent in a mobile, Gmail, or other video email through BombBomb. The concepts demonstrated, though, can be applied to videos you send, share or post in any channel.

Example 1: Congratulations on Your Closing 

Here’s a great habit that capitalizes on positive emotions. 

Example 2: Lead Nurturing 

Keep opportunities moving forward and build relationships from afar.

Example 3: “Thank You” to a New Subscriber 

Turn an initial expression of interest into an active conversation. 

Example 4: “Thinking about You” to an Active Client 

Improve customer experience throughout the buying or selling process. 

Example 5: Recruiting 

Make sure potential recruits feel like they know you before they ever meet you. 

Quick Takeaways 

The experience created with the celebratory closing gong. The relationship built with out-of-state buyer prospects who can’t meet in person. The smiles and sentiments letting an active client know that they’re thinking about her. The human connection after filling out an online form.  

These are valuable dynamics that simply can’t be produced any other way. But none requires a highly-produced video.

Again, polished, professional videos still play a valuable role. But you have additional opportunities every single day to win with simple video. Click here for the top 10 times simple video says it better for you than typed-out text.

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