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How To Sell Real Estate On Instagram

Did you know that over a billion Instagram accounts are active every single month and that 60 percent of people say they discover new products on Instagram?

It’s no secret by now that social media—especially Instagram—is key for businesses to promote their products and services, boost their brand, and increase sales, and that includes real estate! However, with over 25 million business accounts on Instagram, how can you get your account to stand out among the rest? Very Social proposes these three core principles to social media success—1) authenticity, 2) value, and 3) visuals—and how they can help elevate your brand. 

Authenticity Is What Counts

First, let’s talk about authenticity. Beyond the homes they are trying to sell, real estate companies are representative of their ideals and beliefs.

People want to invest in and support a company that shares their values, a company with whom they feel a connection. After all, behind every company is another human being—utilizing your voice is imperative in establishing that connection with your audience, or rather, your customers. Strive to be genuine, share personal anecdotes about your experience that others can relate to, and engage with: What was the process like in selling this home? What negotiations did you make, what complications did you run into, how did you feel once the deal was finally closed? If writing (i.e. captions) isn’t your forte, don’t sweat: Very Social’s team of copywriters can help bring out your voice to shine in the captions. 

Bring Value

Second, let’s talk about value. With so many Instagram accounts out there, how can you set yourself apart from the crowd? While it’s important to factor in what’s popular or trendy to cater to general taste (e.g. luxurious apartments, minimalist interior design), how can you take these trends into consideration while additionally giving them your own unique twist? Value and authenticity (and consequently voice), as you can see, are connected—in the case of real estate agents, for example, there are obviously many, many agents. What distinguishes you from the next real estate agent, however, is your voice, your personality! This is where both writing and imagery of Instagram come into play: while writing brings out your voice, the sort of content you post reveals a bit of your personality, your specific taste. At Very Social, you provide us the basics (details about yourself, photos/videos that you’d like on your account), and we’ll curate that content accordingly to showcase the ideal you. 

Choosing The Right Appearance

Lastly, let’s talk about the visuals. Instagram is, of course, a visual-based platform. The first thing a potential customer will notice on your profile is your feed: how it’s formatted, how the images on the grid work together as a whole. An attractive feed is one that conveys a clear message, a singular narrative; there’s a consistent aesthetic (photos are similar in terms of saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.; if there are graphics then fonts, colors, etc. are the same) with an apparent pattern or theme. Pay attention to thumbnails (of videos, of story highlights) as those reflect on your feed as well. No customer will be interested in the pictures of the home that are grainy and difficult to see! Think of it as window shopping. Appearance is significant in making a good first impression, and this goes for Instagram too. 

Instagram is growing rapidly each day, in terms of both its user base and its number of applications. Stay in tune with what others are doing—don’t neglect Stories, Highlights, IGTV, and the latest: Reels—and implement the newest features into your own account to give it that extra glow. Having difficulty keeping up? Here at Very Social, we’re always in touch with the latest trends and updates and promise social media prowess—leave your account in our hands, so you can focus on running your business and closing sales!

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