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Real Estate Action Plan: 9 High-Performance Habits To Consistently Close More Leads

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It takes a lot to become successful in real estate. According to any number of industry leaders, you need to be disciplined, accountable, adaptable, driven, and persistent. All at once.

For agents who stay in the game past the infamous five-year mark and go on to reach top producer status, they know one thing for sure: consistency matters.

Enter the real estate action plan. A well-thought-out daily action plan gives you what you need more than anything else in this business—a repeatable process you can count on.

In this article, we’ll cover the key benefits of a high-performing real estate action plan and help you design your own daily success habits, with one simple aim: helping you know exactly what steps to take in order to hit your biggest goals, no matter what.

What we’ll cover:

  • What Is a Real Estate Action Plan? (And Why You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without One)
  • DIY Your Own Real Estate Prospecting Action Plan: 9 Crucial Power Tasks to Include
  • How Follow Up Boss’s Action Plans Make Your Action Plans Work

What Is a Real Estate Action Plan? (And Why You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without One)

A real estate action plan is a set program that consists of specific activities that you, or the agents on your team, can perform on a regular basis (whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) to increase your prospecting calls, boost your conversions, reach your biggest commissions goals, and more.

While the decision about what goes into your real estate action plan is completely up to you, these three criteria will help you give your action plan a focused structure:

  1. Does it have a defined time frame? Your real estate action plan should make it easy for you to block time for each activity in your schedule.
  2. Is there a clear cadence? Some actions will yield positive results after months, others may take days or weeks. Schedule repeating tasks on a daily, weekly, or even quarterly basis for best results.
  3. Are you tackling specific goals for specific reasons? Include the big ‘why’ behind each item on your list to help you to stick to your plan.

The power behind using these parameters for your real estate action plan is that they help you stay on track, no matter what gets thrown at you. And just what exactly are the benefits of a set plan you can follow? We’re so glad you asked.

With the right real estate action plan behind you, you can:

  • Take back your time. Instead of trying to do ten different things at the same time, a real estate action plan lets you take control of your schedule, focusing only on the tasks that truly move the needle for your business.
  • Be more proactive. Rather than relying on seasonal trends (or pure luck) you can consistently identify, nurture and expand your business’s key growth areas.
  • Easily track your progress. By regularly performing a certain activity for a defined period of time, you can easily track your results and make regular improvements to your systems and processes.
  • Boost agent accountability. Action plans can be shared, expanded, and adapted, allowing you to transfer your personal success to the success of your entire team.
  • Pave the way for long-term results. While others stay busy chasing the low-hanging fruit, your real estate action plan will help you keep a balance between short-term and long-term wins and keep your business opportunities lined up for months.

Now that we’ve covered the secret sauce that makes a real estate action plan so impactful, let’s take a closer look at the specific activities you can include in your action plan to help you reach the next level in your business.

DIY Your Own Real Estate Prospecting Action Plan: 9 Crucial Power Tasks to Include

Power Task #1: Block at Least One Hour for Daily Follow Up

Example: Block 9 am-10 am daily to call and email warm leads.

You’ve heard it before: the money is in the follow-up.

Without a specific, distraction-free time block for following up with your clients, it’s easy to lose control of your pipeline. No matter when you block your hour of follow-up, consistently sectioning off that time is key to improving your lead conversion process.

Here are some questions to think about:

  • Do I always know exactly who to follow up with first?
  • Are there any warm leads that may have slipped through the cracks?
  • What is my best performing follow-up strategy so far?

Power Task #2: Make Time for Targeted Prospecting

Example: Block 2 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays to reach out to expired listings.

No matter what your specific prospecting strategy may be, consistently creating new opportunities for your business is a non-negotiable.

Group your prospecting efforts to better analyze your results over time. If, for example, you make Monday’s goal 30 cold calls to expired listings, you can make Thursday’s goal to reach out to FSBO’s or developers.

Power Task #3: Upgrade Your Real Estate Listings

Example: Spend half an hour each day refreshing at least one listing.

Some of your listings will generate more attention than others, and you can always find ways to increase engagement with all of your properties.

Updating photos, descriptions, and details for underperforming listings on a daily basis can be a great way to engage passive leads.

Try to identify as many opportunities as possible. In the long run, you’ll start noticing which listings perform better and can create instructions for your marketing team or admin on how to build listings that generate better traffic and engagement.

Power Task #4: Optimize Advertising Expenses

Example: Spend 1 hour on the last Friday of every month optimizing online advertising campaigns.

Chances are, you’re probably using Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and many other lead sources to generate new opportunities—but so is your competition.

That’s why it’s crucial to consistently update your online campaigns and strive to get the best return on your investment. Allocate at least one hour per month to analyzing your digital marketing campaigns and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Power Task #5: Identify New Opportunities for Growth Every Week

Example: Once per quarter, research new tools that could make sense for your business.

In this industry, it’s not uncommon to hear about new marketing strategies regularly. But do you actually act on them?

Whether it’s a new tool, a powerful automated workflow, or a new marketing platform, you need to allocate some time during each week to try new advertising approaches that could boost your bottom line. Make experimentation part of your workflow. Even if nine initiatives fail, the tenth could be a game-changer.

Power Task #6: Prepare a Monthly Marketing Report

Example: Take three hours on the first Monday of the month to analyze all of your marketing efforts.

Do you consistently take the time to analyze your successful and unsuccessful marketing efforts? Similar to your ad budgets, marketing returns can fluctuate daily and if you don’t pay close attention to what’s working and what isn’t, you may wind up wasting money.

This action item ensures you’re consistently improving your marketing prowess and making time to identify hot opportunities for growth and ROI.

Power Task #7: Spend an Hour on Team Performance Improvement

Example: Schedule a 1-hour session every Wednesday to have a team performance meeting.

This power task isn’t just for leaders of massive teams. Even if you’re a solo agent with a single buyer’s agent, VA or TC, there are many ways to improve your team performance. You can schedule an hour to update scripts, moderate a roleplay session, invite an expert in for a masterclass, or even spearhead a motivational session.

The key to success with team performance is consistency. Consider logging every weekly session and then cross-checking it with your performance reports from your CRM.

As the experts say, you can only “expect what you inspect”. Improving team performance hinges on gathering good data. Assess your team’s efficiency before and after improvement sessions, and make future decisions from there.

Power Task #8: Make Time for Content Marketing

Example: Create at least three pieces of blog, email, or video content per week. 

Every real estate agent has their own content marketing plan. Some are big on social media, others prefer to send personalized newsletters, and others may have a massive YouTube or blog following.

No matter what your content marketing strategy is, you need to stay consistent if you want to see results. And as with your paid efforts, don’t forget to track your progress so you can course-correct where needed.

Already sending two emails a week? Try improving your open rates. If you’re sending video emails, think about how you can get the best ROI out of each take.

Spend at least an hour a week thinking about how you can improve your inbound marketing returns and with time, you’ll notice transformative results for your business.

Power Task #9: Spend Time Developing Partnerships

Example: Make a point to visit another agent’s open house once a week.

No one in real estate succeeds in a vacuum. The stronger your network of partnerships, the more opportunities you create.

Whether you choose to partner with loan officers, developers, other agents, or your past clients, always think about what you can bring to the table. Leveraging your unique value is key to forming a mutually beneficial business bond.

How Follow Up Boss’s Action Plans Make Your Action Plans Work

Applying an action plan to just one aspect of your real estate business can have an incredible impact on your entire bottom line. And applying an action plan to your entire workflow? There’s just no better way to grow.

Set a goal. Block time to achieve it. Track your results. Repeat.

It sounds easy. But remember, the power is in consistency. In Follow Up Boss, our automated Action Plans allow you to apply a specific process, drip campaign, or conversion flow to every lead in your database, without ever skipping a beat.

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