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New at Transactly

Transactly has been working hard to elevate our product and services to best serve the leading agents who trust us to handle their transactions.

The National Association of Realtors just recognized Transactly’s hard work and honored our company with acceptance into the REach Program. This highly coveted acknowledgement has fueled the fire for the Transactly team. This month alone we’ve released many upgrades to further simplify the contract to close process for agents. Our dedication to improving the way realtors do business is boundless, and more improvements to our technology and talented additions to the Transaction Coordinator team are coming every day.

A Simple Checklist for Writing Perfect Property Descriptions Quickly

Transactly is thrilled to be a part of the REACH Class of 2020. REACH is an accelerator program funded by the National Association of REALTORs investment arm, Second Century Ventures.  Hundreds of applicants apply for the program annually, and only a select few are chosen. Acceptance into the program marks a powerful milestone for Transactly and energizes the team for future success.

Through the REach program, Transactly will gain invaluable industry experience, garner influence, and further build key relationships from the largest trade association in the United States. Transactly’s admission into this prestigious program offers unprecedented access to a great deal of coveted resources and tools.

New Features in the Application

Transactly is committed to continual improvement of our systems, processes, and teams. This means our products and services get better every month! We are delighted to announce the roll-out of two new critical features to our application, designed to help agents be more successful and efficient on every transaction.

Transaction Inbox

The transaction inbox allows agents and Transaction Coordinators to centralize all their communication about a specific transaction within the application. Users are now able to send templated emails from the application and receive replies both in the application and in external email platforms. This update also introduced a special email address that can be copied on emails outside of the application to automatically save the communications to the transaction inbox.

New Roles

Users now have more options when it comes to labeling the members of a team. Co-agent, transaction coordinator assistant, paralegal, and loan processor are now available choices. These new roles help better identify and manage everyone involved in a transaction.

Improvements to the Transaction Coordinator Training Program

Our drive for continual improvement extends beyond our technology into the training and coaching of our talented staff. Only about 10% of the transaction coordinators who apply to work for Transactly are accepted into our program. Completion of the training program ensures they are prepared to provide agents with the highest quality service.

Transactly’s TC training program provides a mixture of written and video modules to train our TCs on every aspect of the job. The program also specifically focuses on how to use our proprietary productivity platform. TCs receive test clients and extensive resources to ensure we can provide each agent with a competent and fully trained TC.

Next Up

Transactly is now working on revamping access to the application for brokerages, making it better suited to their specific needs. This includes a brokerage link for sign up, broker specific reporting abilities, and broker level access to files with complete search capabilities. These new features are designed to help foster success and efficiency at the broker level.


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