Jan 28, 2019 by - Dan Murray

Money = Success

Most of us know that success isn’t money, but most of us don’t act like we know. Most of us put our job before our family and sometimes we even put work before bettering ourselves. We live our lives acting like our Job Defines Who We Are!

Success isn’t about MONEY!

Wealth isn’t the same thing as having money. Wealth can come in different forms and I would say that having true wealth is when you begin to focus on bettering yourself and bettering your family (Spouse, kids, siblings, parents, etc…).

Even Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis recognized that money isn’t the same as success. He said, “After you reach a certain point, money becomes unimportant. What matters is success.”

I think the challenge comes in the search for success. Along the way while searching for success, you get lost because you make your sole focus “Being Happy”. That’s the mistake we make.

Being happy isn’t something that we can maintain at all time. Things will go wrong, you will feel sad, you will be hurt, you will get angry, and you will sometimes be depressed. When you start shifting your focus to making yourself better you begin to change your focus and you start understanding that the example you set for others is what’s important.

Whether in real estate or outside of real estate, here’s how to buckle down.

  1. Start and end your day with gratitude
  2. Plan time for yourself and your family first into your schedule
  3. Hang around people that will bring your standards up



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