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Masterplan for Huge Success

In real estate, there is only a tiny difference between those who can and those who do

Which do you want to be? Which do you think you are? Are you working harder, or are you working smarter? Tristan said about his discovery process – watch until 3:00 and then come on back here. We’ll wait.

You’ve heard it since the day you began in real estate: Work your database. The term “sphere of influence” is one we’re all familiar with; have you done it? Or have you become deaf to this sound advice? It used to require a lot of effort and work, and the results took time. 

People have always preferred immediate results and instant gratification, more so now, with the incredible advances in technology. Today, you can get the results in under an hour (we’ll show you proof later in the post).

Plan for the Future or Live in the Moment – Pick One

Succeeding in real estate is a simple proposition. Every real estate agent can be as successful as they choose to be. It is a choice. In 2002, a wise agent showed me the light. As I whined that there weren’t enough leads, he asked, “Are you doing all the activities?”

We all need a swift kick in the ass once in a while to refocus our business and reshape our mindset. Our destiny in real estate is our choice. It’s a hard truth that I made a point of relaying whenever I trained a new crop of agents. You choose success or failure. The action we take or don’t take determines our success or failure. Finding the right method to achieve success and thwart failure is easy. The first step is setting goals. That’s where the masterplan for huge success comes into play. That’s also where the premiere solution, developed by Lab Coat Agents and Happy Grasshopper comes into play. 

The Power of Questions

There is a lot of power in questions, especially when we ask the right ones. What drives us forward? What is our primary motivation? Albert Einstein once stated that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he would spend the first 55 minutes determining the question. You can’t find a solution if you don’t know what the problem is. 

We call that the power of questions. If in doubt, you need to find the reason and motivation that drives your clientele forward. Everyone needs somewhere to live, right? You provide the solution to that problem. You need to make sure that people know that. You need to be top of mind when that need becomes a priority. How do you do this while bogged down with work and desperately scrambling for new leads to feed your business?

The Steps Forward to a Thriving Real Estate Business

These simple steps can take you from living in the moment to planning for your future success. Your potential is unlimited when you stop, focus, and try to achieve your dreams. Start by setting goals.Try these first few steps:

  1. Right size your goals.
    Establish a clear and attainable goal for yourself. Break it into bite-size chunks. “Chunking” helps by setting incremental goals so you get the rewards faster and keep yourself on track and motivated to keep going. These smaller bites add up to one colossal meal quickly. Bring your future into focus by planning and achieving.
  2. Plus-size your vision.
    Do you know the saying that if you envision it, you can achieve it? Well, it works. You’ve probably sat through an office meeting (or ten) focused on business planning, and it probably included a “vision board.” They work because they act as a visual reminder of the rewards you achieve when you attain your goals. Nothing comes into being without first being envisioned. (If it was good enough for Steve Jobs, it’s good enough for us.)
  3. Define and name your goals; this helps you reach them.
    You can’t just say, “I want to make more next year.” You leave yourself an out when you do that – an open excuse to fail. Vagueness is permission to fail. It’s human nature.
  4. Identify your opportunity.
    Ask yourself, “What is at your disposal that you can utilize to achieve your goals? What resource do you have that is full of opportunity?” You just have to create it. The opportunity exists in the connections you have and the people you know. That’s your sphere of influence – those people you know who also know you. They are the ones you golf with, worship with, volunteer with, or worked with —in a prior career. 

Influential to Whom?

The people who know you for something other than your career now need to know that you’re a real estate expert – a true professional. Connecting with those people via an effective (and proven) keep-in-touch program will work, but it takes more than that. It takes implementing a solid Annual Communication Plan as part of your Annual Business Plan. 

Regular and consistent messaging on various platforms is the best way to create an opportunity for conversation. Conversations lead to relationships. Relationships establish social proof and a sense of obligation, which establishes trust. By sending messages that ask questions, you open the door to conversations, and the rest comes naturally. 

It’s one of the things I love about what you created here – not only through Happy Grasshopper, but what we’re going to talk about [today] which is LCA Nurture – is that it focuses on what we should all focus on for 2021 – our past clients, and our core sphere. Those are the people that know you and love you, trust you.”
Tristan Ahumada, co-founder of Lab Coat Agents

Conversations Create Closings

There is power in conversation. It creates a connection, and the opportunity soon follows. You need to offer a point of ignition that sparks the connection and leads to a conversation, building a relationship that establishes trust. Are you connecting with the people who already know you and have shared commonalities?

It’s not rocket science; it’s pretty basic. It’s so simple it’s difficult to believe it can be that easy. Yet, it is that easy. It’s a path forward that is simple and attainable. It’s an easy-to-implement system based on years of experience. It’s LCA Nurture. The system was developed to simplify keeping in touch and connecting with your sphere of influence and past clients. LCA Nurture is about feeding those relationships and keeping the connection open so, when the need for real estate happens, you’re right there and ready to help.

Easy Button? We built that.

If you want to find the “Easy Button,” check out LCA Nurture. Sign up for the wait-list, and, as soon as there is space available, you’ll get your invitation. You trust Tristan, Nick, and Lab Coat Agents, right? Stop waiting. It’s THAT easy with LCA Nurture. Just bring your contacts from your sphere of influence and your past clients; you’re off and running. 

Check out what Cassidy Chau said about it when she “tested” the process. She uploaded three contacts and sent a single email at 3:57; by 4:10, she had her first reply. She was a believer. Talk about instant gratification.

Don’t miss out on another sale because you were out of touch. Be there and be ready, and stop spending money on leads. If you do this, you can add 12 new transactions a year – that’s what LCA Nurture will deliver. You just have to use it, and we’ll show you how.


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