Jul 17, 2019 by - david Schoenbrun

Life by Design, Not by Default

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Life by design, not by default!”

How do you run your life? Are you the master of it or does it run you? The amount of energy you put into your business will be a direct result of the success you will have. You cannot just stare at your phone and pray that someone will call you to sell, buy or invest in real estate. Success comes from dedication, hard work, and perseverance. How many downturns in the real estate market have you been through? I started in one and lucky to say that I am still here. What were your struggles? Was it always easy? Your mind controls it all!

We have all heard about the power of suggestion right? Well, this is just like that. Your mind thinks and your world becomes. Tristan and Nick thought about a group where agents would share their techniques of success, and here we are, 65,000 members later. Remember the day you thought to yourself I am going to sell houses. That one thought created a whole new world for you. Bill gates thought of a computer, Mark Zuckerberg wanted people to connect with each other online and Elon Musk wants to put a person on Mars. Our mind is so powerful, that it can heal, hurt or create beautiful worlds.

Real estate is the most amazing business because each year we all think about one thing. How many homes do I want to sell this year? And then you attack that goal like a lion who just captured its prey. You think it and it becomes your reality. The only thing that will limit you is the same thing. Your mind!

Ask a kid what they can accomplish. You know what they say…..

“Anything I want to do!”

So be that kid, create the greatest life you want to live and become it. Keep your mind positive (affirmations will help that negative mind) and you will see the world unfold in front of you and present opportunities that you only dreamed of. Think about it and then become it! You can do anything you put your mind to.


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