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How To Target Buyers and Sellers That Show Intent On The Internet

In the digital age, the journey of buying or selling a home has been significantly transformed. The internet has become a vast space where home buyers and sellers showcase their interests, research their options, and make decisions.

Understanding these online behaviors is crucial for realtors. Here’s a comprehensive look at how home buyers and sellers demonstrate their intent online.

Intent to move

1. Search Engine Queries

One of the most telling signs of buyer or seller intent is what they type into search engines.

Buyers often search for listings in specific areas (“homes for sale in [city]”), mortgage calculators, or queries like “How to know how much house I can afford?”

Sellers, on the other hand, might search for home valuation tools, tips for staging a home, or “best realtors near me”.

How can you receive these leads before other agents even know they exist?


When Buyers or Sellers insert intent Buyer or Seller keywords or phrases in the search engines such as Google, The INTERCEPT LEADS machine identifies these leads before they visit any websites.

Realtors can now receive these high intent leads from INTERCEPT LEADS before any other agents know that they exist.

Most other lead generation platforms rely on PPC for lead generation with no guarantee of actual lead cost.

INTERCEPT LEADS supplies realtors with intent buyer and seller leads at a guaranteed cost. You never pay fluctuating PPC costs.

2. Social Media Activity

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become essential for gauging intent.

Buyers often follow real estate pages, comment on listings they like, or share dream home photos.

Sellers might share articles about getting a home ready for sale or follow home décor pages for staging inspiration.

The Problem: The cost of facebook leads is expensive because your ads are posted randomly on the facebook walls of people who have not expressed an interest or intent of buying or selling a home.

The Intercept Leads Advantage

When you market using Facebook and Instagram you have to market randomly within a 15 mile radius of your specified address. You can’t micro target!

The INTERCEPT LEADS Facebook custom audience tools automatically create custom audiences of your leads that have shown interest or intent to Buy or Sell homes.

Micro target and remarket to these leads who have expressed interest and intent to Buy or Sell homes when searching on search engines such as Google

3. Website and Portal Visits

Visiting real estate portals like Zillow and Realtor.com often indicates clear intent.

Buyers will frequently check out property listings, photos, virtual tours, and neighborhood insights.

Sellers might look into creating listings, understanding current market prices, or reading reviews on real estate agents.

The Problem: If Buyers and Sellers do not register on these websites you never know who they are!

The Intercept Leads Advantage

INTERCEPT LEADS identifies Buyers and Sellers who visit Zillow and Realtor.com via search engines. You always receive these leads regardless of whether they register on websites. We intercept them on your behalf!

4. The Value of Recognizing Intent

For professionals in the real estate industry, understanding these online behaviors is not just insightful—it’s pivotal.

Recognizing intent allows for more targeted marketing, personalized service offerings, and better customer engagement. As the real estate journey continues to evolve in the digital space, keeping a keen eye on these patterns will be the key to success for agents, brokers, and industry marketers alike.

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