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How To Streamline Your Real Estate Showings With Showingly

Showingly’s come out of the Dark Ages 

Showingly’s powerful tools are a one stop shop for home buyers/sellers and agents, allowing you to streamline your showing process and provide your clients everything they need right from their phone.

Showingly’s features bring innovation where it is needed, letting you customize the experience and control information safely and securely. 

So What Makes Showingly So Easy To Use?

Showingly’s showing management tools set up the process from start to finish allowing you to share with clients only what they need; agents are able to set specific rules and windows of availability for when and how a listing is shown.

From there, choose how your seller can approve or deny showing times via text, email, or the Showingly app. You can even choose your entry type: Manual Lockbox, Supra/Sentrilock Capable, or Smart Lock integrations. Give yourself the ease of use, and your clients the ease of mind to manage all their showing windows!

Book Showings For Your Clients Directly Via The App

Showingly also streamlines your client showings to save valuable time; book showings for your clients directly via the app or desktop – in real time.

When booking showings via Showingly, agents will see information such as entry instructions or details about the property that aren’t revealed to buyers and keep the seller’s personal information secure. From there, you can share specific showings directly with your client via the app – sending them notifications via  app, text, and email. They can even approve or deny showings directly from the notifications! 

Get Real Time Notifications

Showingly’s real time notifications minimize any delay communicating with your buyers and reduce the time between showing requests and responses from the seller.

That’s not all – with Showingly’s algorithm, plugging in multiple showing locations creates a turn by turn itinerary based on the most efficient route you can share with your clients. After the showing takes place, the buyers then can leave valuable info for your sellers through a quick and easy feedback survey directly in the app!

What Others Are Saying About Showingly

Showingly’s management tools stand out above the rest, saving you time and effort to give your buyers and sellers the ultimate client experience.

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