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How To Get More Real Estate Listings with Personalized Mail

Personalized handwritten mail is a great way to maintain loyalty, engagement and sell more property. The challenge, however, is having the time to be able to do it and doing it at scale.

Cardly, a new LCA partner, makes sending birthday cards, house anniversary cards, holiday cards and other types of outreach simple. Campaigns can be built quickly and easily for one-off activities or fully automated using the information in your contact list or CRM. The platform is easy to use, affordable and will allow you to save time.

Most importantly, it works, and hundreds of realtors that use Cardly get more business with less effort.

Start sending personalized mail to boost your sales today. Get noticed and attract more listings with handwritten, personalized mail.

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Start Using Cardly To Get More Listings

Fully Automate Your Outreach

With Cardly you can upload a list of contacts, or sync your CRM, and have birthday cards and house anniversary cards sent out automatically, without needing to lift a finger. You can configure your campaigns to send yearly and arrive on a birthday or closure date and keep your services front of mind.

Cardly’s automation rules allow you to trigger cards and letters to be sent a number of days before or after an event, allowing you to thank a purchaser for buying through you, or following up after a year, or several, to see if they’d be interested in a new appraisal.

To help guarantee high open and engagement rates and truly personalize your messages, Cardly has a comprehensive template builder that allows you to add as many recipient-specific details as you want. For example, you can personalize your message with information, such as:

  • First name or couple names
  • Property address or suburb
  • Years since moving

If you want to send out amazing house anniversary cards that are highly contextual, engaging and drive new listings, Cardly is the perfect solution.

Real estate personalized mail

Make A Lasting Impression

Sending letters, cards or postcards using handwriting and a signature can make a powerful impression with prospects and customers.

Handwriting is more personal, mindful and effective and Cardly gives you a choice of over 30 different handwriting styles to choose from. Or you can have your own handwriting and signature converted to help make a greater impact with your messages.

The cards, notecards or letters you send with Cardly are produced on high quality stock, sealed in beautiful kraft envelopes and sent with a hand-affixed stamp. This creates something high impact and sure to be opened.

The quality of the card is top-notch. The back-end user system is easy to use and tracks everything. I can see when a card is going out and set up an automation in a matter of minutes.

-Lisa D. (Nov 16, 2022)

Measure Your Engagement

One of the great features of Cardly is the ability to see how your recipients engage with your outreach. Cardly has a tool that allows you to add personalized QR codes to the personal mail you send.

This not only allows you to link to things like a market update video, appraisal booking or website, but because each QR code is unique, you can see who scans the code. This allows you to identify warm leads and focus your time and efforts on the leads that matter.

Combined with compelling calls to action, Cardly’s engagement reports help you work out which outreach performs best and can help you refine your campaigns to work more effectively for you. This feedback loop lets you measure, test and iterate to achieve the best results.

This also makes prospecting far more measurable and will allow you to augment existing mass-drops and take your marketing to the next level. Realtors using Cardly regularly see response rates of 35%, which is 12 times more than the click rate of leading email platforms.

Easy to use, Fast and Flexible

The Cardly platform has been developed to be both easy to use and extremely powerful. Cardly’s clients include Google, HubSpot, Asana and many other great companies. Those companies have been able to quickly build and execute on their plans using the intuitive functionality, Zapier integration and flexible send options.

An order placed with Cardly before 10AM EST is sent the same day. Or if you miss the same day cut-off it is sent the next day. This rapid dispatch ensures that you can respond quickly and without compromise. It also means you don’t have to pre-plan weeks in advance. You can act quickly on market updates or recent sales and build on momentum.

The platform also gives you lots of options. You can send letters, postcards, notecards or greeting cards from the same system. You can send one off cards, send holiday cards in one go to a group of people or fully automate the sending of birthday or house anniversary cards from a contact list or by being connected to your CRM. You can bring your own artwork or choose from thousands of royalty free designs.

Gift Cards

You can reward your most valuable clients or celebrate a closure by adding a gift to your card, notecard or letter. Cardly has a huge range of gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon, EBay, Uber Eats and many more – or you can let your recipient choose their own!
Unlike some services, you only pay for the face value of the card – a $20 Amazon Gift Card will only cost you $20. Transparent reporting will also allow you to see who and when your gift cards have been redeemed.

If you want to improve your relationship marketing and enjoy the benefits of personalized handwritten mail, you should check out Cardly. It will save you time and get results and creating an account is free.

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