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How Cindy Adams Took Her Doorknocking Online with StreetText

Cindy Adams became a licensed Real Estate Agent back in 2015, serving the primarily Tri-Cities/Maple Ridge area of British Columbia. Her entire business was built on doorknocking. The traditional way. And she was good at it, as it was her only source of finding new leads beyond her circle.

In her earlier years, back in 2017, she would doorknock for around 1 hour every single day. Between March and June that same year, she netted $165,000 in commissions. Just from doorknocking. 1 hour a day. Wow

Only few years in, Cindy’s personal life began to take over more of her day to day and Cindy decided to take a step back from Real Estate. Then, in June 2020, she was ready to get back out there. To Cindy, it felt like starting over again as she hadn’t been out at the doors in a few years. There was just one thing wrong with coming back when she did.. the world was in the midst of a pandemic.

I had to rethink my entire business model”

As a doorknocker, who literally could not head out to any doors at the time, Cindy was a little lost on where to begin. She knew she was likely to get a listing once she met her prospective clients in person – she actually did make it out to a couple doors that year in person, which both turned into listings! The only issue is that she was having a hard time getting out there consistently, which she felt was holding her back.

That’s when Cindy found StreetText. She started a 7-day trial in January 2021, and she immediately started generating leads after launching her first few ads.

I was excited because I had done way more each and every day than if I wasnt using StreetText”

In the first month, she wasn’t getting a lot of traction with her leads. Messages weren’t always going through, not many of her leads seemed to be receptive. But she kept her mindset strong. She knew that from her time doorknocking, it takes a certain amount of leads before you start seeing results. So she kept on it and continued doing what she knew.

Cindy also found StreetText ads to work better than some of her previous marketing strategies, for a lot cheaper as well. Instead of running mail outs which she knew had previously drove business, she spent her monthly budget keeping her ads running and as a result, she was reaching more people in her community than she had before, way more efficiently.

People started recognizing me after I began running my ads. I had someone reach out to me saying their partner needed to buy a home – and they only had heard of me through one of my StreetText ads”

In just under a year with StreetText, Cindy Adams has closed on 8+ additional transactions from Facebook Ads, both directly with her leads and through referrals from them along the way. Incredible.

Cindy loves the value she gets out of running StreetText ads. Her most recent ad in October 2021, Cindy spent $34, got in front of 1000+ people in her market, and generated 2 listing appointments and 3 phone numbers from it. For only $34. What an incredible potential return on investment.

So whats Cindys secret to closing 7+ transactions in her first year?

Booking appointments. No really, that’s her secret!

Cindy’s number one goal is to get a listing appointment. This is something she takes with her in every conversation with a new lead. The way her business is set up, she doesn’t have the time to send every new lead a valuation, but she’s happy to provide one if they’re willing to engage with her.

Whenever a new lead comes in requesting a home valuation, the first thing Cindy does is try to get their phone number. Remember, her goal is to set an appointment, so if they want a valuation, her first request is to set up a quick meeting for more information.

Cindy breaks it up into a couple stages:

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I pick up the phone, and I call them”

Cindy doesn’t think of herself as tech-savvy. No BombBomb, no assistants, no other CRM. In StreetText, all she’s done is turn off that one email in her funnel, update her custom email signature, and take manual notes on who she reaches out to keep track. That’s it. She lets the follow up process work for her, and picks up the phone every time a number comes in.

The funny thing is – Cindy hates picking up the phone! But she knows what she has to do and she picks up the phone and calls them. Cindy would way rather be face to face, at their door, introducing herself and feeling their energy right then and there. Picking up the phone is hard, but like ripping off a band-aid, once you have them on the phone, you begin building that relationship and rapport as their potential new Real Estate Agent.

Staying Positive

For new people joining StreetText, Cindys advice is to be consistent and hang in there. Don’t get discouraged. Cindy joined StreetText in November, and didn’t sign her first deal until March… 5 months later. For those 5 months, she stayed consistent, following the process outlined above, every single day.

After her first one, another listing came in March, and then both of her first 2 listings bought a new home with her as well, and referred a few friends. Then Cindy saw 5+ more deals after that until now.

But before March, it was all about maintaining a positive mindset as she could tell that soon all of her hard work would pay off. 

My approach is to be very personable through communication, so I keep up frequently with my leads and they still contact me after the transaction”

Cindy’s first transaction, which closed in March, first entered her StreetText funnel on Jan 8, 2021. On Friday the 9th she had booked an appointment for Monday Jan 11.

There were at least 50 email correspondence between them before she listed with her in the beginning of March 2021.

After closing, in total to date, there have been 285+ emails between them.

“I sold her house, and then she bought with me, and referred me to her friend who sold with me and bought with me, whom then also referred me to another friend who is not quite ready yet but will hopefully buy and sell with me too.”

You can really see how quickly one lead can scale your business with just a little communication!

The second StreetText lead Cindy converted first requested their home valuation on Jan 14, 2021. She soon after met them and there were about 13 emails between them before they listed with her in March 2021.

The 3rd first requested home valuation on Feb 12, 2021 and Cindy met them soon after. Was about another 13 emails back and forth before she listed with me in late March 2021.

Cindy’s most recent listing from StreetText came in on Jan 25, 2021. She met with them in early February, and he listed with them in August 2021. Again, there were something like 13 email exchanges between them from first touch to list.

“All of these leads I also spoke to on the phone countless times, texted and emailed, and they all originally found me through my StreetText ads.” For Cindy, it really is about being there at the right time for these leads, being consistent, and keeping your mindset positive.

Here’s to growing your business, and staying consistent with your systems!

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