May 26, 2017 by - Anne Baldwin

How Do You Go Above And Beyond For Clients?

Real estate is an industry where you have unlimited income potential. But unlike a lot of other commission based jobs, real estate isn’t just about dollar signs and making a sale. At the heart of it, real estate is really a customer service job. We are there not only to facilitate and make sure our transactions go as smoothly as possible, we are there to keep our clients happy and get the deal done. Both repeat clients and referrals come directly from the customer service provided. Sure there are a lot of rude agents who make a great living in this industry, but at the end of the day if you don’t aim to please, chances are you won’t make it. Recently on the LCA Facebook page we asked agents what they do to go above and beyond for their clients. The one common factor? That Real Estate is a relationship business.



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