Oct 04, 2020 by - Darryl Davis

How To Get 5 To 10 Listings On A Limited Budget

The nature of real estate can sometimes feel like “feast or famine”, particularly during this COVID pandemic when many homeowners are hesitant to list their homes, and buyers are hesitant to look. So, how do we continue to move forward to begin rebuilding our listings inventory from home without sinking a lot of money into it?

I host weekly coaching calls with all the Power Agents®, because learning is a continuous process and it’s a chance to discuss some of the problems agents face in their business. Recently, we discussed how we can turn Facebook Community Groups into a treasure chest of leads — farming has gone digital! It’s zero postage, zero cost, and you can do it at any hour of the day.

So, how do you get started? Go into Facebook and search for the groups dedicated to the communities and neighborhoods you serve. Nearly every community has one – a page where people can post notices about community events, alert folks about their lost dog, recommend a good place for take-out, and so on — the key is to find an active group.

The “5 And 1 Rule” of Thumb

I follow the “5 and 1 Rule”: help 5 people before making 1 post about real estate. In fact, make it your goal to be SO helpful that the neighborhood mistakes you for the group’s administrator! Keep repeating this process – help 5 people and then add 1 real estate related post.

Whether it is helping someone who is looking for recommendations for services or helping someone spread the alert looking for a lost pet (or even going out to help look for the little escapee with the owner!), the goal is to engage with others in the community.

Now, you can post about real estate. These can be posts about market updates, renovation tips, or sharing articles that will give your neighborhood something of value. 

When you make this 5 and 1 rule consistently, it won’t be long before your community comes to know you as one of the most helpful and knowledgeable people in your community, and a real estate expert to boot! You will be consistently top-of-mind when anyone in your community decides to buy or sell, and they will eagerly refer their friends and family to you.

This process costs absolutely nothing, so when you have a limited budget, this is the TOP way to keep you front and center in the minds of your community and farm area. 

Ready, Set, Go!

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