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Five Things in the Business World That Will Change Forever After the Pandemic is Over

From day to day, the pandemic has changed the way we live around the world. Even when lockdown restrictions are over, many say that the world will never be the same. While the coronavirus pandemic’s real impact is still pending, entrepreneurs and businesses across all markets are affected and looking to answer: OK, what do I do after it’s over? What will the business world look like? Many people had to spend these uncertain times at home and rearrange how their lives worked before. Most of them learned new skills or refreshed old ones. Entrepreneurs and businesses had to go online. As the lockdown restrictions are being eased, we can already see the changes and what business fields were more affected. Here’re the five things which have totally changed during the Pandemic. 

Business Travel Reduce

Business travel worldwide has come to a complete stop because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’ll not come back in the same form. As soon as we hit the point where the virus is contained, or the vaccine is available, we will see a slow return of business travels. The nature of travel will be different. Airlines have already rearranged seats on flights. Hotels will have to rearrange the way they communicate with guests. 

When most businesses and entrepreneurs are recovering after the pandemic damage and trying to cost savings, they may consider cutting back on travel expenses permanently. 

Also, there will be a stigma around large gatherings like conferences and summits for a long time, because Social Distancing became our new regular. And most of them have already switched to online, so there’s no need to spend money and time flying. Moreover, since many of the conferences and summits were held virtually during 2020, it is quite possible that the trend will continue into the future. 

Office Space

We’ve been working from home for five months already. Employers are finding the work-from-home experiment more effective than expected. Some of the companies even let their employees keep working from home. 

Also, opening offices will increase infection rates unless you know who’s vulnerable to infection and only allow people who aren’t at risk. Commutes are non-existent and therefore commercial office space is no longer needed. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and other software solutions allow for seamless team corroboration and interactions. Therefore, it seems that the office work, as we knew it, isn’t coming back anytime soon. Maybe it’s changed forever. 


Many surveys have been conducted in the past three months. The latest studies show that employees’ productivity has increased by 47% when they work online from home. One of the most significant benefits that employees gain through working remotely is that they no longer have to commute to work. Tiring commutes have been replaced with heavy Zoom use, and employees in big cities are in no rush to get stuck in traffic during rush hour. Most workers have noticed that they had more free time once their commutes were eliminated. Also, employees are finishing more daily tasks and feeling better about their accomplishments. 

This situation allowed many employees to restore their work-life balance, which is essential, especially during these unstable times. 


Workplaces everywhere have been making massive changes to how their employees communicate. Some of those changes may be temporary, but some are destined to continue long after the pandemic. 

Either way, for most of us, how we communicate in the workplace is changing.

This work-from-home experience showed us that it’s normal and even more practical to run your meetings online. If someone told you a year ago that you’ll be running your business meeting wearing only a shirt, you’d never believe that. But now it’s reality. And people would rearrange their opinion on traditional meetings. You can easily and effectively communicate through zoom and other platforms, and you’ll save so much time! Businesses already took over the opportunity to embark upon a needed change management endeavor. I anticipate that this will continue more into the post-pandemic reality.

Even in Real Estate, you don’t need to do a real Open House because it would be through a live stream, and you can get more potential buyers. Buyers who are more serious than random tire-kickers or noisy neighbors. Besides, lead capturing is way better when people register online to attend a virtual open house. Imagine, no more uncomfortable and awkward talk about sign up and fake names and numbers on a signup sheet. 

Increased Online Presence

Everything became even more virtual than it was in the last couple of years. The pandemic and the lockdown have given us a new way to look at our business, and most of us have already succeeded in bringing parts of our businesses completely online. Most entrepreneurs decided to keep a strong presence there even after the pandemic is over.

Many companies are also planning a new combination of remote and on-site working, a hybrid virtual model in which some employees are on-premises, while others are remote. The new model allows greater access to talent, increased productivity, lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences. 

It will also allow us to cut the operational costs by hiring remote employees who are already trained and ready to start. Few companies in the US market provide Virtual Assistant services. Virtudesk is one of them. Focused on the Real Estate industry, Virtudesk grants to free up your time by providing you with highly-trained and experienced Virtual Assistants who will cover all your business needs. Whether you need a Personal Assistant, ISA, Marketing, or even a Transaction Coordinator. 

If you’re interested to leverage your business with outsourcing, please feel free to reach out to me or go to our website to schedule a demo call.


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