Jul 12, 2017 by - J.R. Maddox

Five Reasons Great Photography is Essential

As a real estate agent, you’re looking to get into the mindset of buyers and sellers to provide the optimal environment to sell homes. Generally speaking, the first step is uploading information to the MLS. This simple step is often overlooked and considered taking care of the base requirements. However, every MLS listing should be utilized as one of your greatest sales assets. Consider the value of an incredible set of images that truly showcase a home. These photos will sell the home a thousand times over compared to a bit of wordplay in the description. Professional photography is an investment that will pay you back every time, on every listing. Here are five in-depth reasons why this is true.

Your Listing will Sell Itself

Consider the value of providing a seamless experience to your clients. Within days of listing the home on the MLS, you’ll start receiving offers from potential buyers who want to see the home in person. Thanks to the gorgeous photos of the home, these buyers are already well aware about the offerings of this home. The look and feel of this home has already been documented in the images. Informed buyers provide mountains of information in their conversations with you about what they’re excited about, and concerned about. More informed buyers are more comfortable at open houses, and more confident in their spending. This means your home will sell faster, and the work was largely done before you’ve even said hello.

Sell More Homes, Faster

Surely, it’s no mystery that if you can improve the speed of selling homes, your revenue will grow. What is often misunderstood is the investment of money spent marketing these same homes. Some agents might reasonably assume that if you can sell a home without professional photography, that it must not be an essential function to the process. However, while those agents will save a relatively small sum of funds per home, the agent that invests money into professional photography will sell two or more homes in the same window of time as the other. Effectively this generates thousands of dollars more with the initial investment of the photography!

A Satisfied Buyer is a Highly Valuable Asset

Surely, the hallmark of a job well done is receiving repeat business. A passionate buyer falls in love with their new home long before they purchase. Creating this experience is the best way to encourage passionate buyers, and therefore repeat buyers. This experience lends itself to the potential that this buyer will remember the way you made them feel when purchasing, and request your assistance selling this home again or to negotiate buying their next home. Invest in your future by investing in the passion of your potential buyers.

Great Photos Bring People to Open Houses

Nothing is more uncomfortable than opening the doors to an open house and finding that there are no guests checking out the home, viewing the amenities, and asking questions. Professional photographs are appetizing for potential buyers since they can explore the home from the comfort of their own home. This allows potential buyers to explore the offerings of this home and perform research. Unlike the other listings on the MLS which have dull, poorly lit, and ill-composed photos, your listing will have bright, lifelike photos that feel inviting! Capitalize on human nature, provide an appetizing and intriguing listing that is worth their attention.

Higher Selling Point Means More Money in Your Pocket

Creating an environment of competition is the ideal space for selling a home. Compared to a single offer, a handful of offers can provide a significant improvement upon the selling point. This state of competition is a dramatic improvement financially. Creating this environment can be tricky, but it is a lot easier if you can entice potential buyers to look through your listings with renewed vigor. There is simply no easier, or more effective way to generate interest than through incredible photography.


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