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First Impressions Matter. How to Leave an Impression That Lasts.

The question positioned in every Realtor’s mind: “How do I win over new clients when meeting them for the first time?”

Like a first date or having that front-row seat on a roller coaster, there are a lot of nerves. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when meeting a potential client for the first time.

If you’re experienced or new to networking, here are a few things to remember for your new client meeting.

As a note – before you approach the meeting, focus on one or two channels for your lead generation. Direct your efforts for networking across one to two channels that benefit you the most. There’s an app for everything imaginable but some tools will suit you better.

With that said, the following apply to your first contact, whether that’s in person or virtual:

Don’t Be Late:

Tardiness gives off the impression of being sloppy and unprofessional. Don’t be that agent. If you can’t tend to your client’s time, what’s to say you’ll be able to help them with the home search process?

Make sure to arrive at your appointment five to ten minutes early so that you can properly greet the client and leave yourself enough time to do any last-minute preparation. 

Whether this means having a table open to them at a nearby coffee shop before your meeting or joining a Zoom call before the scheduled time, your clients will thank you. And they’ll notice too.

Know Your Value Proposition:

And be able to communicate it.

Don’t give a 20-minute speech about how great you are at helping clients, negotiating deals, and “navigating the woes of real estate” during that first impression.

Instead, practice a one-liner that communicates to prospective clients what they’ll achieve by working with you. Include the problem you solve well, and how you will go about solving it for them. 

Depending on how well you’ve practiced your elevator pitch, your potential client should fully understand the value you bring and be eager to learn more about working with you in a short amount of time.

Give a Call to Action (CTA):

The difference between that first impression and never setting another appointment is acting on the rapport you built up initially and then guiding your future clients to take action.

Exchange any other relevant information before parting, and give action items to them.

Whether that’s having them send you details about homes they’re looking into, or describing their 5-year goals to you, make it known that you’ll be following up and this “homework” is the first step towards finding the perfect home for them.

A perfect way to end a meeting with a potential client is by asking them to connect with you in an app. Showingly offers the perfect application for your clients to search real-time MLS data and request showings directly with you. This 1-to-1 connection will make sure that you are always informed on homes your buyers are interested in while providing a premium level of service to them.

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