May 17, 2021 by - Darryl Davis

Finding the Opportunities Amidst Challenges

There is no question that we live in challenging times and have and will continue to face challenges aplenty in all aspects of our lives. It can be overwhelming, but I want to give you some encouragement today.

When you have a challenge in your life — maybe it’s a buyer, another agent, your spouse, your environment, world events, or even your health — you are being called to take action. 

What KIND of action, you ask? 

Answering the C.A.L.L.

There are 4 ways in which you can respond to a challenge in your life. The acronym is C.A.L.L. and it stands for Change, Accept, Leave, Learn. 

If you have a challenge with your thoughts, change your thoughts. If you have a challenge in your workplace, change it. If you are having a challenge with your weight or your health, change it. If you are struggling because you don’t have the education or training to reach your goals, change that. If you are having trouble with your spouse… well, you can’t really change that, as much as you might like to sometimes!

If you can’t change it, then you can accept it. Maybe you have character flaws like I do, you need to just accept it. I have a few things that can make me a little crazy, but I accept the crazy. I have come to accept myself and the inherent flaws that I have. Sometimes, it’s only in our acceptance of those flaws and those challenges, that gives us the freedom to move forward past them. I gained some weight during this pandemic, and I wasn’t happy about it, but I chose to accept it. Now I have reached the point where I am ready and able to change it, and maybe that’s what you need too — you need to accept it until you are ready and able to change it. 

Maybe you can’t change your challenge, nor accept it, and that brings us to leave it. Maybe you are in an environment that is dragging you down emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically…leave it. Leave that environment. Leave that challenge on the table and get away from it. Separate yourself from it. 

Last, but definitely not least — Learn from your challenge. Nietzsche once said, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Every challenge is a chance to become stronger in our lives and become better human beings. This challenge, this life experience, is where every human being will find personal growth. Life itself is a process of learning as we go, and if we are not learning and growing, we are slowly dying.

The Takeaway

I am going to leave you with one last quote, which I think is the perfect sum-up for facing challenges and finding the opportunities within them. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Friends, there is an opportunity in every challenge to learn, and grow, and become BETTER than we were yesterday. Don’t be afraid to change things if they aren’t working for you. Don’t be afraid to redirect your life if it’s an improvement or gets you to the other side of that challenge. 

Ready, Set, Go!

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