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Every Real Estate Agent Has A Team

As I travel and speak across the country and meet agents in large and small cities alike, I ask them this simple question: “Do you have a team?” 

Most solo practitioners say they do not.

But the truth is Nobody Succeeds Alone.

We all understand what a traditional Real Estate team looks like—multiple Administrators, Buyer Specialists and Listing Specialists all working as a unit to achieve maximum results.

But the truth is, every Real Estate agent—even the solo practitioner—already has a team.

Right now, today even, you should begin to think like and operate like a team. In your everyday speech, you must replace your “I” with “We. 

The Critical Members of Your Current Team:

I am going to show you that you really and truly do already have a team. It’s true.

Let’s review the critical team members of your current team.


As the CEO of your team, you are the visionary and leader responsible for ensuring that all goals are set and that these goals are either met or exceeded.

As a leader you are also primarily a servant. Your job is to serve your teammates and your clients.

If you think about your business from a service perspective, you will begin to see it more as a ministry than simply a moneymaking enterprise.

Office Broker/Team Leader

Your office broker and/or team leader acts as your guide, counselor and business consultant. They are there to serve you as needed, and can help with your business planning.

Your Coach/Mentor

Your coach will assist you in reaching your highest potential by helping you discover what you truly want and holding you accountable as you pursue your goals.

A great coach can help you achieve your highest possible potential by pushing you on to greatness, when you would otherwise stop short of your personal best.

Jesus personally coached a small group of disciples and he taught each of those disciples to go out and coach/mentor their own group.

Mortgage Lender

Your preferred mortgage lender is responsible for staying on top of the latest trends, products and programs in the mortgage/banking industry.

On the buyer’s side, they will service and provide sound counsel to your team’s buyer clients.

With your listings, your lender partner will be able to look over the pre-approval of any would-be buyer and give your sellers the peace of mind that everything looks as it should.

Escrow Officer

Having a great Escrow Officer is a must for a Listing Specialist. You need someone you can count on to pick up the slack, talk with your sellers, and ensure—insomuch as possible—that your deals close timely.

They may have to perform additional duties for you like help clear up liens, perform preliminary title searches on properties, etc.


A fantastic (and available) Real Estate attorney is an absolute must. Since you cannot give legal advice, having a reputable attorney who will get back with your clients quickly will give your sellers the confidence that you are on top of your game because you have surrounded yourself with the best people.

Tax Consultant

An expert who understands the tax implications of various types of Real Estate transactions is absolutely indispensable.

Savvy sellers want to know how the sale of their property (especially probate and investment property) will affect them.

A great tax consultant will be able to advise them on the best strategy to employ when it comes to selling.


Having a reputable, honest and fast handyman or contractor is also essential.

This professional will be able to walk through your listing and give your sellers a reasonable bid on work that may need to be done.

Your contractor will also be able to quickly get minor repairs completed should the need arise after an inspection.

Home Inspector

More and more Listing Specialists are recommending that the houses they list (especially those that are 10 or more years old) have a pre-inspection.

A good inspector may be able to give you a frequency discount and help you resolve issues prior to placing the house on the market.

Since inspection-related issues are a huge deal killer, having a pre- inspection can help avoid surprises and disappointment.

Other Team Members

Other key team members may include a home warranty company, a house cleaning company, painter, electrician, plumber, roofer, HVAC contractor, landscaper and carpet cleaner.

All of these individuals should know you on a first name basis and they should be trained to speak highly of you when they meet with your seller.

Train Your Team Members to Generate Business for You

Your team members should always reciprocate the referral gesture on your part by asking this simple script to those they are assisting: Knolly asked me to check and see who else you might know of that needs to buy or sell?” 

Then train them to get the contact information of any prospects they dig up, and call or email you with the prospect’s information.

Your team members should be trained to bring you those leads on a regular basis, thereby perpetuating their own business.

Put Together a Written List of Your Team Members

I recommend that you type up a list of your “team members” and make it available on each listing appointment you conduct. If you want to save time, you can download a free copy of my editable Sample Team Members List in Microsoft Word format. Just change the team members out and you have your instant list!

You can also make this document part of your pre-listing package.

When you give your sellers a list of your team members, they will gain a whole new level of confidence when it comes to hiring you.

Here is a link to my YouTube Video on “Every Agent Has a Team!” Enjoy!


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