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Espresso Agent – Your Instant Zoom Connection

One of the outgrowths of COVID-19 and “shelter-in-place” restrictions has been the explosive growth of video engagement, most notably, through the use of Zoom. It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t been on a Zoom video conference call.  From live concerts to family reunions to business presentations, more people are flocking to the user-friendly and, yes, FREE, Zoom platform.  

Video engagement is obviously having a huge impact in the real estate world.  While market conditions may vary depending on your part of the country, for the most part, Espresso Agent is seeing that the spring market is active.  And in many places, the market is proving to be as robust as under normal circumstances. To that end, agents are using video to present their credentials, share listing presentations and conduct virtual open houses.

Espresso Agent recognized the impact of video, even before the pandemic became a factor in all of our lives.  A few weeks ago, we published a post  discussing our StoryTellr video email marketing for real estate agents. Instead of a traditional, impersonal email, StoryTellr provides a user-friendly way to send a video email to your sphere, or even a new prospect. We are finding more agents drawn to the power of a video email to connect with a prospect.

In today’s post, we want to introduce the LabCoat community to yet another Espresso Agent video innovation: instant Zoom conferencing capabilities. Espresso Agent clients have access to some of the best engagement assets in the business. Specifically, they can employ a best-in-class CRM system, a superior dialer and the best Expired & FSBO leads delivered to them every morning. 

Now, we’ve taken our clients’ Espresso Agent experience to another level by adding a capability that is perfect for these disrupted times:  Zoom video conferencing integration into the Espresso CRM platform.

While there are other video engagement options, Zoom has become the go-to platform simply because it is easy-to-use and cost efficient.  With the FREE Zoom option, two-people can video conference for an unlimited amount of time.  Beyond two people, Zoom’s FREE offering limits meeting times to 40 minutes.  You can, of course, upgrade to the premium levels which does not limit meeting time, but for most people, FREE is perfect.

With our new integration, you can now send a Zoom link directly from a contact or a dial session.

We’ve made it incredibly simple to integrate your personal Zoom account into the Espresso Agent CRM. Once the integration is complete, you then have the ability to email a Zoom link directly from a dial session. Below is a screenshot of the one-click process.

So, let’s say you’re on a call with an expired contact. They are anxious to sell and would like to know more about your service, and your approach to marketing a home.  Instead of setting up a face-to-face meeting (ideal, but they may still be reluctant in this COVID-19 environment), you send the Zoom link from your dialer and within a few minutes, you are virtually face-to-face.  From there you can share your screen and walk them through your listing presentation. Simple, and perfect for getting instant engagement.

Important: you need to have your own Zoom account to activate the Espresso Agent/Zoom integration. But again, as we said above, it’s FREE to set up a Zoom account, as long as you remember that you are limited to 40 minutes on calls with more than two people.

Espresso Agent’s Zoom integration, combined with the StoryTellr video email capability, provides EA clients with a powerful one-two video punch to better engage and impress your prospects. 

So, LabCoat Agent community, are you ready to Zoom?

Learn more about Espresso Agent, and our full complement of video branding and engagement tools.


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