May 11, 2021 by - Darryl Davis

Enlarging Your Thinking

There is something I want each one of you to do this week, and that is to enlarge your thinking. I want you to expand your mental territory and start thinking BIGGER about what’s possible for your life. Whether you have been feeling like taking some courses to expand your knowledge base or have been too afraid of failing to try developing that new skill set, I have a story for you to illustrate what I mean.

Two Men Fishing

There were these two guys that went fishing, and one of them (we’ll call him Tom) would catch a small fish and drop it into the boat. Then he would catch a big fish, and then release it back into the lake. This happened several times — all the small fish Tom caught, he would keep, but every time he got a big fish, he would toss it back into the lake.

The other fisherman, John, was growing more and more curious about this, so he finally asked. “Why are you keeping the little fish and throwing the big ones back?”

Tom responded with a shrug, “Well, it’s because my frying pan is too small to cook the big fish.”

The Takeaway

That frying pan is how we see our lives and hold to the blessings and opportunities that come our way.

Some of us are walking around with small frying pans, and what we need to do is enlarge our frying pans and start thinking bigger. In doing this, we can start accepting and embracing the bigger opportunities and the bigger blessings that the world is trying to give you.

The world is handing you the big fish, and you are limiting your own success by thinking too small and throwing those big fish back. Those incredible blessings are coming along, and when our frying pan is too small, we have to throw those blessings and opportunities back! And do you really want to do that? NO!

It’s time to look for the BIGNESS of what is possible for you!

The Homework

I have homework for everyone for the moment you finish reading this. I know that in the hustle and bustle of the week, we can get so overwhelmed by our To-Do list that we lose sight of our accomplishments, get frustrated, and lose focus.

You might already have a To-Do list of 30 to 40 things that you need to do this week, or maybe even before lunchtime. But I want you to write down three major accomplishments that you are going to achieve this week, no matter what. Maybe it’s to get one listing, or get 5 appointments, or register in that photography class you have been wanting to take. Whatever the task or opportunity you want to seize, write it down, and make sure it happens.

Ready, Set, Go!

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