Jul 29, 2019 by - Knolly Williams

Developing the Daily Lead Generation Habit

What is the first and foremost important activity of a successful Listing Specialist? Of course, you already know the answer: lead generation.

In ancient times, our forefathers were hunter-gatherers. Back then, people migrated with their food source and hunting for the next meal was not an optional exercise.

No matter how scarce the surrounding food supply seemed, our ancestors would relentlessly chase their prey until they achieved success. For them, failure meant starvation and death. So when the food supply was abundant, they stockpiled and carefully preserved and stored the surplus. In good times and bad times they never took their eye off the ball.

If you want to be successful, you are not at liberty to treat lead generation as an optional exercise. Lead Generation is the ONE activity which allows all the other aspects of your career to become a reality. Prospecting is the cornerstone of your career.

When you take on a new listing, what is the ultimate goal you are hoping to achieve for your client? A successful sale.

What is the ultimate goal you are hoping to achieve for yourself? A paycheck and a client for life.

In order to receive a paycheck, you have to have a closing. In order to have a closing, you have to have a contract. In order to have a contract, you have to have an offer. In order to have an offer, you have to have a listing. In order to have a listing, you have to have a client. In order to have a client, you have to prospect. In order to have a prospect, you have to lead generate.

Lead Generation is the catalyst that burgeons into paychecks.

Time Block for Success

A successful Listing Specialist will conduct their lead generation activities in the morning hours, typically before noon. 9 AM to 11 AM (or Noon) is a pretty typical time block for lead generation. Generally speaking, 2 to 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday is preferable.

Handling your lead generation in the morning hours, when you are at your peak performance and maximum energy level is the way to go.

In order to achieve success with your lead generation activities, you will need to block out your daily lead gen time in your calendar.

Set it there as a hard and fast daily appointment, and don’t break the routine.

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