Nov 02, 2020 by - MooveGuru

Demand Your Data

As a realtor, you rely on technology to best serve your clients and grow your business. You may leverage tech even more than you realize.

Think about it. 

You use your MLS, your CRM, a transaction management system, an e-signature platform, accounting software and the list could go on. 

Here’s the thing though. All of that technology is only as valuable as the data you house in it. How valuable is a CRM without any of the contacts that you qualified? What use is a transaction management system without any transactions to manage? 

You see where I’m going, right? 

The value is in YOUR data. With that in mind, since it’s YOUR data, you should be able to do what you want with it. Those vendors listed above should not hold your data hostage once you enter it into their systems. 

Instead, they should embrace open APIs that empower users, like you, to innovate and evolve how you see fit.  

MooveGuru is a technology vendor that provides 1,000 brokerages and 60,000 realtors with moving concierge technology. We work with innovative real estate technology favorites like Dotloop, Docusign, Skyslope, Back Agent, Moxi Works, Appfiles, Profit Power and 40+ others. All have open integrations with MooveGuru. Why? So together, we can support your brokerage and agents to innovate and acquire more business.  

We have the ability to support 90 percent of all brokerages in the U.S.through our current integration partners. 

For the remaining 10 percent, well, the truth is, there are some technology vendors that still hold your data captive. These companies make choices for your business without your interests in mind. They make data integrations cumbersome based on relationships they have formed to profit on your data.  

It happens all the time. And, it slows progress and innovation. 

More than 100 brokerages who want to work with MooveGuru have to curb their progress because they’re waiting on integrations from existing vendors who are hoarding their data.  

So the question I have for the industry is: 

It’s your data – why doesn’t every real estate technology vendor have an open API so the brokerage and its realtors are empowered to make decisions to best run their businesses? 

As a veteran to the real estate industry and the founder of several real estate technology companies, this is a question and subject I’m passionate about. I’d love to hear your perspectives. Reach me directly at


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